We are pleased to announce that in 2013, The Brand Surgery will be ten years old. Hooray!

The last ten years have thrown many challenges at us – mainly the recession. Unfortunately, some businesses make the mistake of cutting their marketing budgets when times are tough, as marketing can be seen as a luxury.

Did you know that the US Small Business Administration (SBA) states that approximately 50% of businesses fail in the first year. Then 66% of the remainder make it to two years. 44% of the lucky ones make it to four years. Unfortunately, out of the remaining businesses, 56% of businesses fail at the five-year mark. So The Brand Surgery stand tall and proud as we have made it to ten years. We believe our success is down to our design expertise, customer care, continuous improvement techniques, diversification skills and of course, our innovative marketing campaigns.

Innovative business marketing is the way forward

An excerpt from the BBC business website: “A wise man once told me that the definition of business insanity is to do the same thing this year as you did last year and expect a different result. He was right. Successful businesses innovate and change all the time – those that don’t are simply left behind. Make no mistake, getting these basics wrong, or not doing them at all is a recipe for failure. They are the solid foundations on which success is built and must be given the attention they deserve.”

New skills ‘maketh the magic’

With the above in mind, The Brand Surgery has diversified and evolved to maintain a competitive edge. In order to diversify, Vicky completed a Professional Diploma in Marketing which is a degree level qualification. Having passed this, Vicky is now a Chartered Marketer and has already started a Chartered Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing. Therefore, The Brand Surgery is one of the only design agencies in the area to have the combination of Chartered Marketer and award-winning design expertise. Call Vicky on 01903 824229 to find out how we can help your business to stand out.

Writing discussion papers for international conferences

Vicky now provides a marketing management service for a client who serves the construction and social housing sector. Her research has shown that The Localism Bill and of course, sustainability, are having a massive effect on the construction industry and its supply chain. She is writing a discussion paper for an international conference about how marketers will have to adapt their marketing methods to embrace the effects of emerging themes.

What impact will the macro-environment have on your business?

Do you know which emerging themes will have an affect upon your industry? Are you ready to adapt your company to embrace changes that are out of your control? If not, you should call Vicky on 01903 824229 who can help you to ensure your business is ready for macro-environment changes.

Talking of  impact, we now create impact reports for charities

We designed the impact report for Worthing and Arun Mind. The project involved illustration, marketing expertise and innovative design. We provide many services for the non-for profit sector, including website design, graphic design, digital marketing, online promotion, blog posting, fundraising campaigns, social media setup and general marketing consultations.

Impact reports for charities by The Brand Surgery

Impact reports for charities by The Brand Surgery

Creative and sustainable advertising campaigns

The Brand Surgery was asked to create a campaign to help increase Megarider ticket sales in the Stagecoach South area. We created a joint promotional arrangement with local attractions and restaurants. Our campaign promoted the concept of Creating Shared Value (CSV) by investing in the local business community, helping Stagecoach customers to save money in difficult economic times, and also to help Stagecoach South to sell more Megarider tickets. Everyone is a winner with MegaMonkey.

The process was simple, customers would sign-up for a Mega Monkey discount card and would then present this card alongside their Megarider bus ticket at a participating attraction or restaurant. If the Megarider ticket saving didn’t entice customers, then the exclusive attraction/restaurant money saving deals would. The campaign was advertised at bus shelters and on bus livery in Portsmouth. Skills required for this project were illustration, logo design, promotion management, graphic design and copywriting.

Creative Advertising Campaigns for PLCS and SMEs

Creative Advertising Campaigns

Publishing: Online and print

We have been working with Stagecoach in East Kent, Stagecoach in East Sussex and Stagecoach South over the past five years to create dynamic customer magazines. Whether you require a simple newsletter or a customer lifestyle magazine, The Brand Surgery will manage the entire publishing process for you; from start to finish: concept (logo and complete identity), research, editorial, design (layout), proof-reading right through to final print and delivery or mailing.

  1. Newsletters and magazines engage your audience and increase customer loyalty
  2. We create online page-turn newsletters, brochures and magazines – all measureable statistics
  3. We write, design, print and deliver your newsletters and magazines
  4. Our e-newsletters are measureable so you can track interest and loyalty

Call us on 01903 824229 or email us to discuss your publishing needs.

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