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Error 404

We all do it, the hastily typed URL with clumsy ‘I’ve had one coffee to many’ fingers and before you know it you’re staring at a boring white screen informing you in large blue and black letters that you have made a 404 error: File not found. Dur!

If you’ve got too much time on your hands and are having a particularly tedious Tuesday, this mind-numbingly standard HTTP response code is fully explained on Wikipedia.

Alternatively, if you’re not a geek, check out our error page. Of course you know by now that we don’t do things in a standard manner at The Brand Surgery, it’s too boring! So why not ‘force’ a mistake out of your impossibly clever self and type You’ll see our ‘404’ page seems to have been hijacked by a couple of loony doctors! Yes, we like to stand out quite a bit and with this page hope to do just that, whilst cheering up the odd clumsy visitor to our snazzy pages. (Not you of course, you just wouldn’t get it wrong)

And standing out pays off, because we’ve popped up on two blogs again, this time listing the funniest and most unusual 404 error pages.


Francesco Mugnai Blog – The 100 most funny and unusual 404 error pages
Skidzopedia Blog – 30 Most creative 404 error pages

Remember, when it comes to your branding, graphic design, websites or marketing campaigns, you don’t want to get it wrong! So if you’re looking to inject some fun and creativity into your tired designs, get in the pros and give the Brand Surgery a shout

I am experienced in UCD, CX/UX, UI, IA, and Design Thinking, I bring over 17 years experience of end to end user and customer focused experience covering such elements as: User Stories, Personas, Scenarios, Content Inventories, Data Analytics, AB Testing, User & Stakeholder Surveys and workshops, Concept Maps and Project flows, System Maps, Storyboards, Wireframes and of course Prototyping in Omnigraffle, Axure, Uxpin, Sketch & Photoshop an many others if required. Using the latest implementation methodologies and human centered design, innovation and programming. I have a proven ability in all business sectors, having worked with some of the largest company's in Australia and across the world. I have a strong knowledge in social media, marketing, and application development for both mobile devices and desktop interfaces. Being also experienced in Graphic design solutions, SharePoint Flash, ASP, HTML, HTML5, XML, CSS, DHTML, XHTML, Java, Java Script and programming I have knowledge in most codes, but am always willing to learn more. I have proven ability in leadership and mentoring skills, as well as strong skills in the areas of social media, marketing & application development and mobile device UI/UX. I have flair for creative design thinking and pick up things quickly as well as organizing and problem solving. I have the ability to manage other team members on and off site as well as planning of business and project development to meet the company’s needs as well as the clients. I have worked with all levels of business. I am adaptable, level headed, with a love for design and a strong creative team leader.

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