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We are celebrating here as our blog portfolio is forever expanding. We’ve been blogging for a number of clients for over a couple of years now, and the main healthy slice of feedback is … that our blogs have PERSONALITY. They have even been described as LEGEND! We all know that it is essential that your brand has personality, and blogging is an ideal medium to channel that personality. And what’s more important, is that your blog does its job well. Our blogging works as our customers have seen increase in their sales due to their website being ranked higher in Google.

Question: What have garden decking and Eddie Izzard got in common?

Answer: Decking is tough and durable, just like Eddie Izzard it seems. If you didn’t know this, Eddie Izzard celebrated completing 43 marathons in 52 days! Wow. Eddie raised over £200,000 for Sports Relief. Read the rest of this blog by clicking here.

What is the relevance of this Q&A? Our client wanted us to mention Eddie’s amazing triumph and said if we could link this story successfully, then we were truly amazing!


So, if you’re having a problem thinking of something to blog about, you know who to call …

Vicky Vaughan, managing director of The Brand Surgery has just published her book, DO A MADONNA!™, and it seems her writing talent is perfect for blogging. So if you are thinking about having a new website, apart from it having an excellent brand image and logo, you will want your shop to be found after all that hard work. Therefore, give us a call on 01903 824229 or email vicky@thebrandsurgery.co.uk to add a blog to your existing website. We can brand it up to look exactly like your current website.

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