Cool business card design by the Brand Surgery

Cool business card design by the Brand Surgery

… All the way to Budapest and the US in fact! Did you know The Brand Surgery used to go by the name of Vaughan-O-Graphic? Last week one of our old Vaughan-O-Graphic business card designs popped up in a Hungarian blog listing cool business card designs. The blogger is Ivan Raszl, a successful advertising creative director, who has posted a similar thread before on his website Creative Bits attracting over 1 million page views.

Our juicy liquid-filled plastic number has been out of action for some years now, but is still managing to turn heads on an international level. This means The Brand Surgery are ahead of their game! Although we designed this card 5 years ago, we predicted the fashions correctly, and hey presto, five years later on it’s making its mark. We have even received an enquiry from the US through its dazzling presence on this internet-thread.

So what are you waiting for? Would you like us to whip up a snazzy business card design to rival the ones on this list? Give us a shout, and we’ll make it happen. And don’t forget, we can extend our creative flair to any of your graphic design, web design, advertising or marketing projects. Think about it.

For now, click here and get inspired by some dinky designs. We’d also love to see any other cool designs you’ve come across!