Credit Crunch Stress Kit

Credit Crunch Stress Buster Kit

Credit Crunch Stress Buster Kits

Credit Crunch Stress Buster Kit

There’s a good reason why we’ve been nominated and shortlisted for the Worthing First Business Marketing and Promotion Award – we love coming up with quirky ideas to turn your heads.

First of all, our brand new trademark, Beat the Recession, Make and Impression, has been extremely popular. And it is so true. In times of economic crisis, businesses suddenly believe that marketing is a luxury.

NEWS FLASH … It only takes a minute to stop marketing, but it will end up costing your business twelve times as many precious pounds in the not so distant future. It is much more expensive to advertise your business once it has disappeared off the radar. We firmly believe our Brand Doctor theory, Prevention is Better than Cure!

Our funky Credit Crunch Stress-busting Kits have been flying out the door, complete with some thirst-quenching wine, relaxing eye-mask and luxurious bubble-bath. Why? Because we want to let our potential clients know that with a little help from us, they can relax in the knowledge that the word is on the street about their business. Credit crunch? What credit crunch?

If you want a credit crunch pack for your business to send to potential or existing clients, we can tailor make it in your corporate colours and design. We promise there won’t be one single PINK graphic, unless you want pink of course!