Great New Normal Free Mini Marketing Course

Welcome to Part 4 of our 
Mini Marketing Course

Combine insights gained from Parts 1, 2 and 3 with the wonders of Canva to create a stunning, relevant and shareable infographic.



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If you enjoyed this mini-marketing course, why not dig deeper into the minds of your potential leads and customers? We are about to launch our Continuous Professional Development (CPD) accredited Marketing Psychology course, so register your interest today to secure your place. This course is limited in numbers.


  1. Take your marketing psychology understanding to the next level 
  2. Attract higher quality leads into your marketing funnel for a higher conversion rate
  3. Learn how good design, marketing psychology and technology work together for best results
  4. Use proven marketing psychology techniques and formulas to inspire and motivate your audience to take the action you want
  5. Improve your communication engagement by combining your current insights with this new knowledge
  6. Practical video, email and web-based tutorial course blended with theory – at least 15 hours
  7. Counts towards 5 hours of CPD – we will send you a personalised CPD certificate
  8. Downloadable resources including checklists and psychology tools
  9. Download each new section as soon as you complete the previous section