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The Brand Surgery’s brand guidelines



Better branding. Better world.



The Brand Surgery® adopts an inside-out philosophy of revitalising, refreshing and transforming business brands through combined expertise as an experienced Chartered Marketer, Executive Coach, CPD-accredited Trainer and Creative Designer. It fully guarantees its work.


Core values

The Brand Surgery® truly lives by its core values. You can read more about each value here.


Using creativity not only to design stunning logos and visual branding, but also to craft powerful partnerships and opportunities to enable brands to shine from the inside out. See Conscious Communities value. 


I am curious and question everything when researching, rather than accept paradigms and the norm. I am curious about what people are thinking and enjoy crafting questions to tap into the unconsious.

Conscious Communities

Without feeling part of a community, life is pretty dull. Therefore, we work hard to promote inclusive communities by creating partnership opportunities. Talent Within You is just one of many conscious communities.  

Continuous improvement

I enjoy learning and am continuously developing my strengths through Continuous Professional Development (CPD) so that I can improve life for clients and their stakeholders. 

The Brand Surgery logo components



Revitalising and Refreshing Brands since 2002. This is The Brand Surgery’s area of expertise. 



A pestle and mortar represent bespoke branding packages and solutions, which revitalise, refresh and transform small business brands. The emblem was created using the golden ratio.



Logo font is ‘harabara’ which has been stylised. The body font is Acumin Pro which is simple, professional, and easy to read. 


Overall look and feel

The Brand Surgery revitalises and refreshes small business branding. It is leading the way in branding consultancy and design, and has taken the conscious decision of publishing prices on its website. It has a sassy look and links medical terminology with branding. It balances humour with credibility by promoting its combination of accreditations and experience: Chartered Marker status, a Fellow Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, a Fellow Member of the Institute of Leadership and Management, and CPD accredited training provider. 

The Brand Surgery rebrand for 2022 - logo design, website design and updated values

The Brand Surgery logo use and misuse


Registered Trademark

The Brand Surgery® is a registered trademark and should always appear with the ‘registered’ (®) symbol. 



The Brand Surgery® logo should be respected by allowing it room to breath, by using white space around the logo and avoiding placing on fussy backgrounds. 

Diagram to explain space around logo for brand guidelines


Nobody puts Baby, or our logo, in the corner.  The Brand Surgery® logo should never be squashed and remain in proportion when resizing. 

Diagram to explain logo rules, no squishing or squashing our logo.

Let our logo shine

Please don’t place our logo over similar colours, or fussy backgrounds.

Diagram to explain logo rules regarding surrounding colours

Logo size

The Brand Surgery logo can be enlarged or decreased in size, in proportion, to fit marketing and design templates including promotional merchandise, signage, social media templates and such like. The tag line, “Revitalising and refreshing brands since 2002”, should always be readable, without squinting!   

Diagram showing logo resizing instrucitons

The Brand Surgery colour palette

Colour psychology is a fascinating topic. Does it really make a difference to brand success or not? If Coke had a blue logo, would their brand be any less successful? When The Brand Surgery was launched back in 2002, we were mainly pink; everything was pink and our director even had a pink car! Then as we grew up, our colours grew up and we became more black and white. However, in 2022, we will be 20 years old and are rebranding to celebrate. We are considering injecting more pink into our brand image again. There are a number of considerations to bear in mind when choosing colours for your brand image. If this is an area which interests you, consider enrolling on our CPD accredited Marketing Psychology course


Colour swatch for The Brand Surgery light pink logo

Perfect Pink

Perfect Pink is our main colour. It is sassy, yet softer and warmer than 100% magenta. It teams well with our Platinum Grey and looks great when printed and in digital.


  • Hex #e84281
  • RGB: R=232. G=66  B=129
  • CMYK: C=1% M=85% Y=16% K=0%
  • Pantone = 7424 
Medium swatch for Pink. Blood logo

Pure Pink

Pure Pink is an accent colour. The shade we have chosen is a sassy which is great for creator brands like The Brand Surgery®. Sometimes too much is hard on the eye, which is Pure Pink is our main colour. 


  • Hex e92076
  • RGB: R=230. G=0  B=126
  • CMYK: C=0 % M=100% Y=0% K=0%
  • Pantone = 219
Colour swatch for The Brand Surgery dark pink blood logo - BrandFit™ Guidelines

Provocative Pink

Provoking pink, formed of magenta, cyan and black, making it burgundy in colour.  This is useful for indicating power, when the message is serious. It’s also a gorgeous complementary colour.

  • Hex #a8125f
  • RGB: R=168 G=18  B=95
  • CMYK: C=27% M=100% Y=25% K=15%
  • Pantone = 676 


Colour swatch for The Brand Surgery dark grey logo - BrandFit™ Guidelines

Graceful Gray

Graceful Gray is a secondary colour and represents balance. It is useful for balancing sassiness and credibility. It also complements our pinks and aligns with our medical theme. 

  • Hex #969696
  • RGB: R=150. G=150  B=150
  • CMYK: C=42% M=33% Y=33% K=12%
  • Pantone = Cool Gray 7


Colour swatch for The Brand Surgery platinum logo - BrandFit™ Guidelines

Pleasing Platinum

Pleasing Platinum is a lighter gray with a hint of pink. It has a clean feel and works well with Perfect Pink. It should not be used for body text, but instead for backgrounds and block colours.


  • Hex #a9cc63
  • RGB: R=169. G=204  B=99
  • CMYK: C=38% M=2% Y=79% K=0%
  • Pantone = 367
Colour swatch for The Brand Surgery snow logo - BrandFit™ Guidelines

Wisely White

Wisely White feels pure, clean, clinical and aligns with our brand name. White space is good for respecting and giving space to The Brand Surgery logo. 


  • Hex #ffffff
  • RGB: R=255. G=255  B=255
  • CMYK: C=0% M=0% Y=0% K=0%
  • Pantone = 11-0601 TCX Bright White

The Brand Surgery’s brand archetypes

We are a combination of four brand archetypes:
The Sage, The Creator, The Explorer and The Lover.

Our brand archetypes run are the core of everything we do they help us articulate who we are and attract customers who value our inside-out approach.

Our brand archetypes boost our brand personality – we stick to our guns and remember our core beliefs. They help us remain authentic and set the right tone throughout our marketing communications.

Remembering our brand archetypes help us remain consistent when designing social media campaigns.

Our are proud of our combination of brand archetypes. They help set us apart from the competition.

Our brand archetypes help us to celebrate our uniqueness rather than follow the crowd.

Learn how to choose the best colour for your brand archetype.



The Sage

  • Personal brand: I am a research freak. I love spotting pattens and getting to the truth by going inside-out. I apply this to my business and philanthropic ventures.
  • Business brand: The Brand Surgery® is on a CPD journey and also a CPD training provider which means we are continuously learning and researching.
  • Customers: Our customers and clients value our insights
  • Leads: Want to grow their businesses and will invest in our knowledge to stay one step ahead of their competitors.

The Explorer

  • Personal brand: I am independent and love to explore. I enjoy a challenge and crave excitement and adventure
  • Business brand: The Brand Surgery® also loves to discover the truth and enjoys experiencing new discoveries
  • Customers: Are authentic and seek the truth and enjoy exploring. They accept truths from our research
  • Leads: Are excited by our inside-out philosophy and are excited to explore this to grow their personal and business brands.

The Creator

  • Personal brand: I am passionate about creativity and hate conforming
  • Business brand: I like to stand out and take risks through creativity
  • Customers: They appreciate stand-out design and prefer to stand out from the norm, rather than blend in
  • Leads: Would appreciate the Habito Karma Sutra campaign

The Lover

  • Personal brand: I enjoy discovering art and brands that are provocative and arouse my senses
  • Business brand: We create campaigns and designs to arouse the senses so they stand out above all the noise. We enjoy creating intimate connections with our clients, in other words, brand love.
  • Customers: They are not scared to stand out through provocative thinking and design
  • Leads: They will love M&S Food and Godiva chocolate campagins.


What our Marketing Psychology from the Inside Out course students say

Black quotes

The course is excellent. It is thought provoking, informative and an essential tool to all professionals looking to both expand and retain their client base. I was certainly impressed and will certainly put into practice what I have learnt. Thoroughly recommended.

John Mazilauskas - DTSWS Director at MWH (Dubai) Middle East

John Mazilauskas

DTSWS Director at MWH (Dubai) Middle East
Black quotes

Just a few sessions in and I am already thinking in a different way about the environment around me from a work perspective, although I don't have cause to use smells and sounds in my work, I will certainly be looking at how those businesses I come into contact with use them and note how I might be affected.

Christine Tully - Co-ordinator, Volunteer Society

Christine Tully

Co-ordinator, Volunteer Trust, UK