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Logo design for Italian Restaurant, Casa Ciro 

Have you been to the new look Casa Ciro? It’s brilliant! Don’t worry – the food is still top notch. In fact, it’s even better than it was before…. Why did Casa Ciro re-brand? Because Ciro – just like us, realises the importance of reinvesting money back into a business to improve the look and make it even more successful. If you can’t remember what Casa Ciro looked like before (see below) – go to www.casaciro.co.uk to see their old website. If you haven’t been yet and don’t know where it is: 30/31 Marine Parade, Worthing BN11 3PT . Tel 01903 239090.

TRUE FACT….. The colour of your corporate identity plays a huge impact on the success of your business. Do NOT use blue for food products or restaurants unless you want the customer to lose their appetite. Why? Natural blue food is not common except for blueberries and a few new ranges of blue-purple broccoli or potatoes. In general, foods are not blue unless they are mouldy. Think Stilton! If you want to lose weight – put your food on a blue plate. You will eat less. If you are interested in finding out more about how colour psychology will affect your business – give The Brand Doctor a call on 01903 824229.

Testimonial from Casa Ciro

Casa Ciro is a well established and very popular Italian restaurant on Worthing seafront. We have had seven years of successful trading. However, to coincide with our refurbishment and new colour scheme, we realised we needed to update our existing branding. The Brand Doctor did their research and came up with their design on time and within budget. Our new image has a really sleek feel and we have received many compliments – as well as being very happy with it ourselves. If your business needs an injection of life we would not hesitate in recommending the Brand Doctor. Ciro De Silvo, Casa Ciro, Marine Parade, Worthing

Rebrand before (left) after (right)

casaciro1.jpg casaciro2.jpg

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