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Marketing is the management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably.” The Chartered Institute of Marketing


Vicky A Vaughan FCIM FInstLM is a Masters-level qualified Chartered Marketer in Sussex specialising in market research and developing integrated business marketing strategies

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Brand strategy and positioning

How ever much meaning or personality we add to your services, it is your customers who have the final say what your brand means to them. The message your organisation sends out is reflected in the service you provide over and above the written word that appears on your glossy brochures. If the two messages don’t align, then trust is lost. The brand promise is broken.

At each point your organisation interacts with customers, is an opportunity to send another message – positive or negative. Each interaction positions your brand negatively or positively.

This is what real marketing is about. You claim your brand position based on their actions.

As a Chartered Marketer, my job is to help you leverage each interaction to positively influence the image of your brand in the customer’s mind and claim your desired position in the market whether they be local, regional, national or even international. We will look at the competencies that are required by your organisation in order to claim competitive advantage to identify any gaps that can be filled by training,

“Research indicates that everyday person-to-person communication is often more persuasive than impersonal media sources such as advertising (Cialdini 1993)”

Positioning involves claiming a position or reputation in a market–or several markets–for a company, product or service. The first step in positioning is specifically identifying the markets to be served; these can be local, regional, national or even international.


Public sector marketing customer review:

• Marketing strategy
• Creative design
• Marketing consultancy

iESE are evolving from a government funded organisation to a not for profit limited company. The economic climate is good for us as we help local authorities to save money. However, we needed to let more local authorities know about our good work so we hired Vicky from The Brand Surgery to help us do this. Vicky came highly recommended by one of our local authority customers, so we knew that she not only understood marketing but she understood our audience too. Vicky audited our core marketing activities which has highlighted that we didn't promote our CSR or our skills to their full potential. Vicky also suggested some great ways to improve the impact of our communication by segmenting our target audience which will greatly improve our communication to potential customers. We are looking forward to our next marketing consultation with Vicky as she will be focusing on our product range and helping us to integrate our brand values within our marketing communications.

Dr Andrew Larner

Chief Executive, iESE

Championing the customer

How certain are you that your customers’ expectations are being exceeded?

Each interaction with your customer is an opportunity for your and your employees to dazzle them. Unless your employees align with your brand, then you customers will not think you are authentic or sincere with your offering.

Your employees must be fully engaged and aligned with your brand if your customers are to perceive you to be more trustworthy, high quality and desirable than your competitors. There is often a wide gap between what businesses think customers want and what is actually delivered. Would you rush back to a restaurant or tell the world how wonderful it was if your experience was simply OK?

If you truly champion the customer, you will invest the effort in full employee engagement and internal marketing communications. Research indicates that customers prefer the personal touch to mass advertising, leaflets and brochures. Fully engaged staff champion the customer which has been proven to drastically improve financial performance.

I will help you and your employees to become fully engaged and aligned with your brand, so you understand what motivates customers and your whole organisation is motivated to champion the customer.

We have been working with many of our clients for ten years or more because we understand their requirements. Let us help you to keep your clients too.

Manufacturing sector client review:

• Event management
• Logo design and trademark registration
• Corporate Social Responsibility
• Creativity
• Leadership
• Marketing consultancy
• Marketing strategy

Vicky led our senior management team and departmental managers through the development of our sustainability strategy and eco-kitchen, Planet2050®, which was recently showcased at the Coronation Festival, Buckingham Palace. Vicky led the process very well and our 100 prestigious guests in the Housing Construction Industry have been impressed by her attention to detail. Planet2050® in no doubt helped with our recent merger.

Iain Flitcroft event

Managing Director, Paula Rosa Manhattan

Reputation, risk and compliance

Working across a range of sectors including manufacturing, charities and public sector, I offer a range of approaches to identify internal, external and strategic risk which can harm corporate reputation.

It is essential for executives to be able to to take a step back from working in the business to have a fresh look at risks. Executive coaching combined with marketing will also help here.

For one charity, I identified ten new risks that the board was completely unaware of, then I wrote a report evaluating the current level of flexibility within the charity to deal with challenges and risks. I then created an Internal Market Plan (IMP) to help evolve the organisation into a flexible, learning organisation with recommendations for evolving the culture and organisational structure, with a brief document for the CEO  to present to the board.

If you are scared of social media, now is the time to embrace it. If you have a customer service problem, it is better for customers to be able to communicate on your page where you can intervene. If you don’t have a platform for customers to vent their frustrations.

Charity strategic marketing testimonial:
• Environment scanning

• Risk analysis

• Internal marketing plan to implement a Learning Organisation

• Briefing document to present to the board

We hired Vicky from The Brand Surgery to create a marketing strategy for Coastal West Sussex Mind to become more market focused. Vicky identified several risks we weren’t aware of and suggested innovative risk mitigation strategies. The third world sector is becoming increasingly competitive and we now feel equipped to face threats and embrace opportunities and are now less reliant on one funder. We are also implementing new stewardship techniques and have improved our knowledge management throughout the organisation. We would have no hesitation in recommending Vicky for her strategic marketing and design skills.

Katie Glover

Chief Executive,, Coastal West Sussex Mind, Client since 2010

Our Best Practice Approach for Marketing and Creative Services

Our in-house Chartered Marketer will help with all your marketing, branding and creative needs including logo design, website design, brochure design, brand development, strategic marketing, e-marketing campaigns, advertising campaigns and much more. Our best practice marketing approach consists of five simple steps for guaranteed business growth. Your business is unique – and we will treat it with the respect and integrity it deserves. We work with many come of the UK’s leading companies in travel, manufacturing, hospitality, local government, schools, charities and more. Call us on 01903 824229 today to discuss how we can increase your sales. See our client reviews.

Step 1 - Marketing Consultation / Business Coaching

All new customers benefit from a 30 minute marketing consultation / business coaching which will provide us with a greater insight into your business. We will provide a ‘safe’ thinking environment to explore ideas which will increase your competitive advantage and grow your business.

Step 2 – Market research

Our market research techniques will enable your business to keep up with the rapidly changing market. It is essential to monitor changes in technology and other elements of STEEPLE (Social, Technological, Economic, Environmental, Political, Legal and Ethics) if you want your business to remain flexible. Consumer behaviour and trends constantly change and we are qualified to help your business to exploit the opportunities and be ready to tackle the threats.

Step 3 - Marketing strategy and planning

Once we have researched your market and ascertained your marketing objectives, we will plan for optimum business growth. The marketing solution for your business could include visual identity services such as logo design or website design. Alternatively, we may advise that your business goes back to basics with a revised marketing strategy. Whichever recommendation we prescribe for your business, you will be presented with an itemised proposal, in plain English, with a time scale allowing you to plan ahead.

Step 4 – Creative concepts and communications

Steps one to three will ensure we have a thorough understanding of your business in which to channel our creative juices. By this stage we will have identified your target audience and have an idea of buyer behaviour within your market which means anything we design will create a positive impact for your target audience. Once you are happy and have signed off your project, we will arrange print with one of our environmentally-friendly print suppliers if required.

Step 5 – Aftercare and maintenance

Once your project is complete, we will always be on hand to support you, whether or not you require additional coaching, consultation or creative communications. We have been working with many of our clients for over 10 years – maintaining good client relationships is key to our core values.

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