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Marketing Psychology from the Inside Out

CPD 22 credit hours of combined lectures, application and practice
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Answers to all your questions in this 7 minute video!

  1. Why is the course an ‘inside out’ course?
  2. I work for someone so I do not have customers, is this course still relevant?
  3. How are leads relevant for me if I don’t have a business?
  4. How are you qualified to teach this course?
  5. The course dashboard explained
  6. Do I need to complete and submit all my assignments?
  7. What’s really important?
  8. Who reads our assignments?
  9. Is our information safe?
  10. How quickly do you assess our assignments?
  11. What if I need my CPD certificate in a hurry?
  12. Transparency and the small print
  13. Why all the assignments?
CPD Accredited course - Marketing Psychology from the Inside Out
Marketing Psychology from the Inside Out
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Course Objectives & Outcomes

Marketing Psychology from the Inside Out - CPD accredited course, improve your personal and business brand to attract and retain customers and leads - black logo

Superpower your personal brand to stand out

Your personal brand affects everything you do life – your career, business and personal life. Everything that happens outside is a mirror of your mind. This is an inside out course that focuses on your personal brand first.

Marketing Psychology from the Inside Out - CPD accredited course, improve your personal and business brand to attract and retain customers and leads - black logo

Superpower your business brand

Once your personal brand is superpowered. We can work on your business brand. Learn psychology tricks to make people fall in love with your brand and put you in pole position when negotiating, persuading and inspiring others to follow your vision and invest in you.

Marketing Psychology from the Inside Out - CPD accredited course, improve your personal and business brand to attract and retain customers and leads - black logo

Understand what people are thinking so you can say the right thing at the right time

You will be applying the learning to your self so you have good practice before trying on others! We need to help people achieve their goals quickly and enjoyably. This is your value, and you will learn how to communicate this and boost trust in your brand. 

Marketing Psychology from the Inside Out - CPD accredited course, improve your personal and business brand to attract and retain customers and leads - black logo

CPD 22 hours with 121 coaching to take your learning further

Most of the hours are your practice hours! The lessons are designed, so you are practising marketing psychology knowledge from the beginning, and you will notice positive changes from day 1.


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What Our Students Say

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The course is excellent. It is thought provoking, informative and an essential tool to all professionals looking to both expand and retain their client base. I was certainly impressed and will certainly put into practice what I have learnt. Thoroughly recommended.

John Mazilauskas - DTSWS Director at MWH (Dubai) Middle East

John Mazilauskas

DTSWS Director at MWH (Dubai) Middle East
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Just a few sessions in and I am already thinking in a different way about the environment around me from a work perspective, although I don’t have cause to use smells and sounds in my work, I will certainly be looking at how those businesses I come into contact with use them and note how I might be affected.

Christine Tully - Co-ordinator, Volunteer Society

Christine Tully

Co-ordinator, Volunteer Trust, UK

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Hi Vicky. I think the course is very interesting, and I am really enjoying it! I am a marketing student from the Netherlands. So I am also learning about some of the components you are telling about. I enjoy going even deeper into the material during your course. And I am also learning new things that I find very interesting! Definitely a course to recommend if you love marketing and the thought behind it.

Mirthe Molin

Mirthe Molin

Marketing student, Netherlands

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Hi Vicky, I’ve been doing the course. It’s amazing! Beautifully presented and well set out. Clear objectives set at each section and summarised. I’m only part way through though. I particularly liked the bit about archetypes and also decoy marketing.  I also like the flow of it. It’s progressive and you revert back to things already discussed and link it all together. The decoy bit gave fascinating insight on how people’s minds work and what influences them. Your happy chirpy presentation style keeps motivation going. Because you’re interested and passionate that invokes the same feeling.
Caroline Scott, Nurse, Fife, Scotland

Caroline Scott

Surgery nurse, Fife, Scotland

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This course is one of the best I took. I had zero knowledge of this topic and now I do have a better understanding. Vicky is an amazing teacher and she did a terrific job creating this course. All the lessons are crystal clear, well done professionally, and full of great resources/files. This is also, one of the few courses with the English captions spot on and very accurate. Vicky has a very strong knowledge on this course and give you all the necessary tools to accomplish your goals and more. The course starts easy and gradually the level will increase. I felt like this could be a 3 different parts course :-). There is a lot of good information. I will have to take this course a few more times to really reach a hundred percent. Thank You Vicky! I was able to find my Superpowers and applied it to different areas of my work and my daily life! Namaste A+++++!!!!!!

Hector, web developer, Phoenix, USA

Hector Manjarrez

Website developer, Phoenix, USA

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I really enjoyed this course because it is interactive and the assignments help apply the knowledge to my consultancy business from the start. I expected to learn technical know-how for social media etc and was pleasantly surprised at how my face-to-face conversations improved, at work and personally. Vicky makes the course fascinating, and I was excited to keep going and finish the course. I have noticed that my powers of persuasion have increased and my teammates do more for me just by adapting my language. I feel much more confident and networking opportunities are now enjoyable. In my opinion, this is the closest you will find to mind-reading!  A lot of it is obvious when you know how! I totally recommend this course to others – thank you, Vicky!
Oli Cooke - Horologist

Oli Cooke

Horologist, British Museum, UK