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We are pleased to present the best and most relevant marketing information which we hope you find helpful. You will find company news, branding tips and market research. Call from The Brand Surgery® on 01903 898977 for further information.

Making sense of Brand Management and Brand Equity – for SMEs

It has, however, been demonstrated that SMEs have so far put little emphasis on branding (Inskip, 2004; Gabrielsson, 2005; Ojasalo et al., 2008).

If you are an SME, or you know of an SME that doesn’t want to get left behind because of lack of understanding in the subject of branding and marketing, Vicky is offering a two-hour 1-2-1 marketing strategy consultation for £170 (ex VAT), or 2-2-2- (£245 ex VAT) in the comfort of your own offices. She will relate the importance of branding to your own business and give you a prescription to follow to get you on the right track.

Call Vicky on 01903 824229 or email to register your interest.

Diamond Jubilee vs 2012 Olympics – Branding gone mad!

A message to all of you at Olympics head office. Please get off your high horse – you are not more important than the Queen’s Diamond Jubille and you should take a leaf out from the Official Diamond Jubilee organiser’s book and share your ‘symbols’ so everyone can promote this amazing event! We appreciate that your sponsors pay £millions to use the dreadful 2012 olympics logo – we don’t particularly want ‘that’ logo. However, how did the five interlocking rings symbol created by Pierre De Coubertin in 1914 come to be copyrighted by the International Olympic Committee? The five interlocking rings have a meaning: “These five rings represent the five parts of the world which now are won over to Olympism and willing to accept healthy competition.” (from Wikipedia so must be true!). Perhaps the Olympics Committee is concerned about a little healthy competition from community events because they will probably attract more attendees – espeially after all the difficulty in purchasing olympics tickets!

New Coastal West Sussex Website from The Brand Surgery

We instantly suggested a Content Management System to sit beneath their new website to allow them complete control of the copywriting of the website as well as access to numerous dynamically created sections such as ‘News’, ‘Projects’ and ‘Enterprise Activities’ the latter of which can be submitted by website users via a unique and sophisticated form on the website.

App Store vs Android Market

Just before Christmas we brought you the news that The Brand Surgery had successfully submitted a mobile application to the Android Market and that an iPhone App was soon to follow for the well received 'The Review Doctor' website. Well, that day has come and we are...

The Brand Surgery releases mobile app

This week, The Brand Surgery published their first mobile app to the Android Market, with an iPhone app soon to follow in the Apple App Store. The application, for The Review Doctor, allows users to find local businesses listed on The Review Doctor and read/write...

Keep Calm and Blog On – Special Offer!

What's all this blogging about? We love blogging! It's the best way, in our opinion, of getting your website noticed and improving search engine optimisation (SEO). Ever since we've been blogging, The Brand Surgery appears at the top of Google for 'Branding Agency...

Worthing Idol 2011 – Nobody does it better!

Next year, Terry Winstanley from X Factor has kindly offered to be a judge. If you know someone with a musical talent who would like to enter Worthing Idol 2012, then please contact Vicky Vaughan on 01903 824229 or log onto:

Equity IQ website is launched

We are proud to announce the launch of another website. This time Equity IQ are the lucky business who have benefited from our range of digital marketing skills.

The Review Doctor – Review. Read. Decide.

Welcome to The Review Doctor Did you know that as a business, if you get stung by another not-so-nice business, you are not protected by Trading Standards or the Ombudsman relevant to the industry that has stung you. These organisations deem you intelligent enough to...

The Brand Surgery organises the Wow Factor

Terry Winstanley, Jade Richards and eight other contestants from X Factor 2011 are coming to Worthing (Assembly Hall) for one night only (Friday 4th November 2011, 7-10.30pm) to promote their CHILDREN IN NEED SINGLE and sing their most popular songs from the show.

Quarter of the way to CIM Victory

Fantastic news! Vicky has passed her first unit which means she is quarter of the way to becoming a Chartered Marketer. As you may know, Vicky Vaughan, managing director of The Brand Surgery is in the middle of studying towards a Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) “Professional Diploma in Marketing”.

The Brand Surgery sponsors Lifetime Achievement Award

The Lifetime Achievement in Business Award aims to recognise an individual who has made a major contribution to their business and to the business reputation of the area, and so there can be few candidates more apt for the accolade than Worthing’s own Peter Bennett. The Brand Surgery were ‘thrilled’ to have sponsored the award; Vicky Vaughan of the Brand Surgery said:

Country branding: The UK Riots – How will Britain be remembered?

Finally, it’s British disaster aftermaths which showcase the generosity, solidarity and community spirit of the majority of the British public. Although the minority (thugs) have caused millions of pounds of damage – the way in which most of us have pull together in times of hardship still makes me proud to be British.

Vicky judges the Open 11 Art Exhibition at Worthing Museum

On Friday, Vicky Vaughan was invited to join the selection panel to judge the Open 11 Art Exhibition at Worthing Museum.
Vicky said: “It was an amazing day. I was part of a panel of three judges – my two fellow judges were Nick Toovey from Toovey’s Auctioneers in Washington, West Sussex and Dudley Sawer, Life Drawing Artist extraordinaire, based in Worthing.

Digital Marketing Campaign is a Royal Success

Broadwater Community Association is still celebrating after the amazing Royal Wedding Picnic event which attracted over 3000 people and raised £1500 within a few hours. The success of this event is down to a creative agency called The Brand Surgery who are based in Worthing, West Sussex.


Business Nightmares with Evan Davis is the must-see TV show, made in partnership with The Open University. This show tells the stories of the world’s most momentous business disasters and how they happened. The show documents the damage caused and the lessons that...


We are the proud designers of the first ever Sunny Worthing Food and Drink Guide.

This interesting project utilised many skills from within our branding agency. First we created a concept for the front cover design, and one inside page. We wanted to promote the ‘Sunny Worthing’ them, so we added sun rays around the Worthing Town Centre Initiative logo. We then created a ‘sea’ effect using a combination of illustrations and photo effects to create a rustic effect.


As you know by now, our Facebook branding and posting secured an income of £1500 and attracted over 3000 people to one of our recent events. We didn't spend one pence on advertising. You can benefit from this amazing promotional tool also as for the month of June, we...


The first assignment has been submitted and Vicky Vaughan, Managing Director of the branding and website agency, The Brand Surgery has already started work on her second assignment. Vicky is on track to becoming an officially qualified Chartered Marketeer by July 2012.


Hey, here’s a brand new concept ... A branding agency that rewards you for referring your friends and networking buddies. Simply pass The Brand Surgery referral card to your friends and networking buddies who you think would benefit from receiving our award-winning...

How to protect your logo and trade mark from plagiarism

How would you feel if someone stole your logo idea? Would you feel flattered or angry? You can't stop businesses from copying your logo but you can stop them from using it, by registering your trademark or logo with the Intellectual Property Office. Where do you...

RELAUNCH – Successfuel from The Brand Surgery

The Brand Surgery® this week relaunched their Brand New Successfuel™ – branding fuel designed to make your business brand go the extra mile. The Brand Surgery recommends this award-winning blend of branding and responsive website design to get success for your business. Want to know more? Call Vicky on 01903 898977 for more information.

The Brand Surgery – Out of Hours

So we've spent the last few weeks talking through what The Brand Surgery - the award winning branding agency - has been getting up to during work hours, with various website, logo and magazine design work going on. However, this week we thought we'd take a look at...

The Brand Surgery gives Balik some branding treatment

The Brand Surgery has been working closely with Balik Spa - and brand new Spa opening in Worthing - to create the perfect brand image. Balik Spa is a very unique kind of spa, offering fish pedicures only! For those of you that don't know, a fish pedicure is when you...

The Brand Surgery drives Carabao forward

The Brand Surgery has been carrying out lots of work for The Pan Asia Group this week, Carabao Thai Restaurant and Steak House in particular. Having designed The Pan Asia Groups website - including Carabao and Mr. Toys Flying Wok, we were asked to use our...

The Brand Surgery prepares Costa Oil for launch

The Brand Surgery has been designing away at the packaging for Proto Restaurant Groups new oil, 'Costa Oil' and it's now nearly ready for it's launch. Proto Restaurant Group owner Andy Sparsis and his family have always been involved in producing high quality food and...

Busy busy at The Brand Surgery

The Brand Surgery has been extremely busy over the last few weeks with logo designs, press releases, magazines, charity work and blogging and we thought it was about time we let you in on what your favourite award-winning branding agency has been up to! Anyone...

New Proto Restaurant Group Home Page

The Brand Surgery has been working on the new Proto Restaurant Group home page since the new year and are very excited to unveil it! Our brief was to jazz the welcome page up a bit, by making it interactive and fun. You can see the new look below - click on the image...

Carabao Thai Restaurant and Steak House Officially Opened

Carabao Thai Restaurant and Steak House was officially opened last Wednesday evening by His Excellency, Mr Kitti Wasinondh (Thailand’s Ambassador to the UK).The night was a fantastic success with Kitti and his wife attending as well as Worthing’s Mayor and Deputy Mayor Ann Sayers and Ann Barlow respectively.

Logo design deals to remember Shark El Sheikh!

Shark El Sheikh rebranded by The Brand Surgery, and once known as Sharm El Sheikh, once had the international reputation as one of the world’s most fabulous diving destinations in the Red Sea, Egypt. Then the shark attacks happened.

Simon Osborne is back! New Radio Station! Ferring Radio 87.7 FM

Ferring Radio 87.7 gives local bands and individuals the opportunity to showcase their talent and voice opinions. The station is based at Ferring Country Centre, which is a day centre for adults with learning difficulties. Steve Burt is a volunteer at Ferring Country Centre and it is Steve who set up Ferring Radio 87.7 with the help of Dave Cunningham from Splash FM 107.7.

You need to SPEZIFY what you want in your life

During our search of all good web things, we stumbled upon Spezify – an innovative new image based search engine. You simply type what you are looking for into the search bar – then you are greeted with an interesting mosaic of photos, social and multimedia content linked to your search. Be warned. We found some movies which are definitely for over 18s only.

The most creative advertising ever! Handy Work!

We are fortunate enough to be on the email circulation list of someone who sent us these advertisements. We felt obliged to share them with our readers! They are amazing! Who ever thought of this campaign deserves an award! This campaign would include great graphic...

Dateband website is Live!

Join Date Band and receive a FREE one months membership (first 500 people) We are pleased to announce the birth of our latest website! Date Band™ – The online dating site with a HUGE difference. What is the difference? We hear you cry. Well, this is how it all...

Promote your brand with Social Media

During the past week, we have been updating our Online Marketing Services and working tireless to bring you the latest information on social networking technologies. We have discovered many different interfaces that are possible with Facebook and other social media integration and external websites.

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