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What is your digital marketing challenge?

Facebook? Twitter? LinkedIn? YouTube? Instagram? Blog? Video? Website traffic? Content marketing? Customer engagement? Email marketing ….OMG!

Actually, OMG is not a digital marketing term, at least, not yet. However, it may be how you are feeling. Keeping up with changes in digital can feel overwhelming. Maybe you are feeling crushed under the mountains of digital marketing tips and tricks at our finger tips. Are you feeling deafened with all the noise?

Why not switch off the noise. Relax. Get yourself a cuppa and tune in for five short minutes.

Digital marketing solutions for all your digital challenges


UX research

Most web users are constantly clicking, typing, switching between windows, and opening documents and applications. We use our UX superpowers to engage your customers by making the experience relevant. People have a short attention span, so we help you to make everything bite-sized.

Digital marketing strategy

Let us help you find the best digital marketing route for your business and seamlessly move people down your digital marketing and sales funnel. A professional digital marketing strategy will successfully integrate all your communications, targetting, retargetting, online, offline and social to enhance customer experience.

Digtal content management

How do I make sure my content is consistent and engaging? This is the most common digital question we are asked. Our solution to this challenge is offering a multi faceted approach, starting with understanding your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). This helps us create relevant content which will align with your brand voice. Contact us for further information.

Design for digital

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but are you sure your pictures reflect the right words for your business? Does your design do you justice? Does it reflect your brand voice? If you have lack of customer engagement, chances are your images are not relevant for your target audience. We guarantee that we design to achieve maximum impact – whether that be website design, social media posting and branding. Call us on 01903 898977 for further information.

Social media funnel management

Managing social media across all platforms can be a headache. Even with a plethora of automated social media management tools on offer, you may feel that you are juggling creating, engaging, scheduling and analysing. We will help you select the best social media channel for your business and then manage the channels effectively, creating engagement and new customers for your business. Call The Brand Surgery® on 07909 693172 for further information.

Customer intelligence

In order to create engaging content, you need to be relevant. In other words, broadcast what your customers want to read, at the time they want to read it. We love being nosy and it’s so good to talk! We can speak directly to your customers to find out what they read, what language they use and what their hobbies are. It helps us create Ideal Customer Profiles. it lalso creates business growth opportunites for you! If talking is not viable, we use social media intelligence. Call The Brand Surgery® on 01903 898977 for further information.

The three most common digital marketing questions …


There are three questions we hear time and time again …

  1. What’s best digital marketing route for my business?
  2. How do I get more traffic to my website?
  3. How do I convert that traffic to lovely new customers?

The good news is that digital marketing is here to help you. Not hinder. Digital marketing brings you more measurable results than traditional offline marketing activities, allowing you to manage your return on investment.

Take a look below our digital marketing solutions to help your business grow online …

Why we are different?

We developed and designed the 5A Brand Trust Model as a checklist for our clients (and us) when planning digital marketing campaigns because if you get it wrong, bad news can go viral in seconds. We think about the reputation of you and your brand for the short, medium and long term.

Our leader is a Chartered Marketer, Fellow Member of the Institute of Marketing (FCIM) and Fellow Member of the Institute of Leadership and Management. The Brand Surgery® is an award winning business (Worthing Business Awards) soon to be in its 20th year and we want every person and every brand to be the best it can possibly be. Continuous Professional development is one of our values, and we keep one step ahead of digital marketing changes so you don’t have to.


Our Latest Digital Marketing Work

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iESE are evolving from a government funded organisation to a not for profit limited company. The economic climate is good for us as we help local authorities to save money. However, we needed to let more local authorities know about our good work so we hired Vicky from The Brand Surgery to help us do this. Vicky came highly recommended by one of our local authority customers, so we knew that she not only understood marketing but she understood our audience too. Vicky audited our core marketing activities which has highlighted that we didn’t promote our CSR or our skills to their full potential. Vicky also suggested some great ways to improve the impact of our communication by segmenting our target audience which will greatly improve our communication to potential customers. We are looking forward to our next marketing consultation with Vicky as she will be focusing on our product range and helping us to integrate our brand values within our marketing communications.

Dr Andrew Larner

Chief Executive, iESE

The Brand Surgery created our website and e-marketing/e-newsletter campaigns, growing our customer database to over 4000. This has significantly increased our sales and has helped us to grow from two to four restaurants. Our website has an admin (CMS) system which allows us to update it ourselves and keep our marketing costs to a minimum. The Brand Surgery’s combination of creative design and marketing skills are essential for attracting the right kind of customer.

Andrew Sparsis

Managing Director, Proto Restaurant Group

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