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“If I had an hour to solve a problem and my life depended on it, I would use the first 55 minutes determining the proper question to ask.” Albert Einstein


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I am a member of the the European Mentoring and Coaching Council and the Institute of Leadership and Management. I am continually studying and practicing the best methods of Executive Coaching and I use a balanced internal-external approach to help leaders to be able to motivate and engage employees to achieve the vision and organisational goals.

The art of effective coaching is listening, reflecting and powerful questioning – and together, my coachees and I have achieved some amazing successes. I believe that strong leadership is essential to implementing strategies to achieve the organisational vision. Please read my executive coaching testimonials.

What does executive coaching have to do with brand development?

The Brand Surgery® was established 2002 and along the way we have met hundreds of businesses who for one reason or another may have been frustrated through a lack of sales or unmotivated staff. Our Executive coaching services build leadership trust and create a coaching culture which improve employee engagement and employee motivation

Customers will not be loyal unless their expectations are exceeded. Would you go back to a restaurant that was simply OK? If customers are not raving about your businesses, you don’t have a brand. You can only build your brand if you understand customer needs and your team is fully developed to exceed customer expectations. This is easier said than done. These days, many directors and managers are having to produce more with less so staff are stretched and relationships can break down resulting in an unhealthy organisational culture.

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Executive coaching for authentic leadership

Coaching that focuses purely on external goals is proven not to work. Thats because if external goals do not align with your internal core talents or purpose, it is difficult to be motivated to achieve the goals.

My coaching sessions allow leaders to have time to focus on aligning their core talents to achieve external objectives. An example of this is forming relationships and alliances in the workplace to achieve the company vision. Internal assumptions about team members can cause conflict and a breakdown trust which in turn damages company culture.

Coaching help managers and directors to form strong relationships with staggering results. Very often leaders are so wrapped up in achieving external goals and KPIs that they lose connection with what they want internally. In our coaching sessions, you will have time to reflect on you, rediscover what makes you tick which will help you to achieve your goals.

Coaching to achieve organisational goals

In order to achieve your organisational goals and company vision, the whole team needs to be engaged. That includes the senior management team, managers and employees. Employees will only be motivated to help you achieve your vision if they trust you. “Trust is the ultimate leader commodity” (ILM Trust Index, 2013).

To build employee engagement requires ‘soft’ skills and ILM’s Trust Index is scored on six dimensions: ability to do the job, understanding, fairness, openness, integrity and consistency. What measures do you take to improve these skills every day?

20% of your time should be invested in your organisational KPIs themselves, and 80% should be invested in forming the relationships to achieve the tasks.

Did you know that 17% of managers are dissatisfied in their role and blame poor management or leadership and lack of understanding from senior management? (ILM Trust Index, 2013).

Only motivated staff will help you to achieve your company vision, and staff will only be motivated if they trust the leadership. The larger the organisation, the less staff tend to trust leadership.

Return on investment

The Manchester Review states that the impact of Executive Coaching shows an ROI of 5.7 times the investment; improving organisational relationships by 74%, teamwork by 67% and job satisfaction by 61%


Return on investment

A Harvard Business School study indicates that companies implementing a coaching culture have improved revenue growth (520%), employment growth (246%) and net-income growth (755%) compared to companies operating without it

Trial session £35

Book a 45 minute trial session for only £35. For this small investment, I will ask you some powerful questions to really make you think and reflect. If you enjoy my coaching style, then we can book the next session at my full hourly rate of £65. You only book and pay for one session in advance.



Degree of trust

“Half of employees believe that their organisation prioritises financial goals over ethical organisations, and 48% say the same about their CEOs” (ILM Trust Index 2011). This indicates that employees do not trust leaders. The chief drivers of engagement are growth recognition and trust.
  • Leading change
  • Communicating change
  • Inspiring / motivating staff
  • Time management

"Executive Coaching has made a huge difference in a very short period of time. The plan that has developed during sessions has been key to my leadership development. Vicky’s 12 years experience in Local Government are of value because she understands the constraints and financial pressures that Sussex police and other public services are under and coaches with this in mind. I am happy to recommend Victoria for Executive Coaching services."

Chief Inspector Howard Hodges

Adur, Worthing & Horsham District Commander, Sussex Police

  • New leader integration
  • Personal branding
  • Communicating change
  • Inspiring / motivating staff
  • Time management


"Executive coaching has helped me to see the benefits of change rather than the burden. This has helped me to think more creatively and tap into my skills for inspiring and motivating managers throughout the business more effectively. Discussing work issues outside of the business has hugely benefited me and allowed me to see a clearer way forward. I am genuinely surprised at how effective coaching is and would recommend Victoria's executive coaching services to all senior managers and directors."

Gordon Frost

Operations Director, Stagecoach South

  • Time management
  • Communication Skills
  • Relationship management
  • Personal branding

"Vicky is an excellent coach, her approach is based on developing successful solutions in a positive and inspiring environment. She offers creative ideas for developing new strategies and approaches to problems. Her sessions are well-focussed and structured, and always end with positive outcomes and ideas for development."

Dr Stephen Millam

Director, Brinsbury Campus, Chichester College