As you know by now, our Facebook branding and posting secured an income of £1500 and attracted over 3000 people to one of our recent events. We didn’t spend one pence on advertising.

You can benefit from this amazing promotional tool also as for the month of June, we have reduced our Facebook business page branding fee by 30%. Our usual price starts from £500. During June, our fee will begin from just £350. This price will include us using your existing corporate identity and designing an attractive page to compliment your business website. We will also had one feature for you. This may include a Paypal setup so you can sell a product or service via your Facebook page. Or it could include a You Tube video upload like the one on our Facebook page.

We also offer a Facebook and Twitter posting service too, as well as our hugely successful blogging services, which ensure that our clients have reached the top of page one in Google for their chosen keyword searches, eg, Restaurant Worthing, Country Pub Horsham, Fencing Supplies, Branding Agency Sussex.

When’s the last time you saw a good website without the Twitter, Facebook and Linked In logos? Social media will compliment your website, and now with our fantastic June offer, what are you waiting for?

Latest Facebook pages:

Facebook branding by The Brand Surgery

Facebook branding by The Brand Surgery