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How do you attract B2B new leads in the new normal?

Easy. Call The Brand Surgery® on 01903 898977.

We guarantee, that within two days of working with us, you will start receiving genuine, interested and warm leads when you follow our recommended approach:

Below is our simple, three step process for attracting the right kind of B2B leads:

  1. We arrange a one hour marketing coaching session with you, to determine the leads that best bit your current business offering.
  2. We create a stunning, informative and relevant infographic or ebook.
  3. We find and nuture the leads to move them down your funnel.

Why are we so confident? Because our Chartered Marketer has 20 years of expertise in helping our valued clients get ship shape and ready for their journey to success by finding and nurturing new leads.

How do we do this? We use a combination of marketing psychology, creative design and technology to reach out to profitable leads that are a good match for your business. Below is more information about our process for finding new leads.

What are you waiting for?

If you want to get up to speed quickly, contact us now by using our contact form or call us on 01903 898977.



step 1 - marketing coaching

We refine your offer and target audience

Once you come onboard, we will arrange an online marketing coaching session to refine your business offering and choose a suitable target audience. To ensure guaranteed engagement, we will agree on choosing one business offering and one target audience. This ensures your messaging will be relevant and engaging. Once this stage is agreed, we move to step 2.

We create a stunning and relevant infographic for your target audience

We then create a stunning infographic or ebook

Depending on your brand, product or service, we will create either a stunning infographic or ebook to articlate how your brand overcomes the pain points for your leads. If you already have a suitable document, we can skip this step. We will follow marketing psychology rules, including NLP, to ensure we use the correct images and language to inspire, engage and motivate your target audience.

We find,contact and nurturing your leads in the chosen target audience.

Next, we find and nurture your leads

We then find, nurture and convert ice cold leads into sizzling hot leads for you. The sizzling leads are interested in your brand and your product, so all you need to do is convert into a sale, which we can also assist with. Most our clients begin to enjoy receiving warm leads within one or two days. We will drip feed leads through to you gradually, so you can grow your business brand organically.


Marketing Psychology

In order to create engaging content, you need to be relevant.  Therefore, we utilise marketing and psychology concepts including priming, NLP,  frequency illusion to motivate your audience.  Ideally you will have Ideal Customer Profiles completed for your target audience.  If not, we can help you with this too so we can be more effective in nurturing your target audience. 



Creative design

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but are you sure your pictures appropriately reflect your business? In order for the design to reflect your business and attract leads, we use colour psychology to evoke the apporiate emotion and attract the right kind of leads. We guarantee that we design to achieve maximum impact! 

Technology, creativity and marketing psychology


We utilise innovation, technology and automation, along with marketing psychology to your nurture leads down through your funnel.  IoT enables us to gather essential insights enabling you to tailor your sales conversations and truly address your leads’ challenges, hitting the sweet spot. Call The Brand Surgery® on 07909 693172 for further information.

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