Personal brand coaching

Ever wonder how some people have just got it? Well can have it too! Are you a BOFEP – that’s a Business Owner, Freelancer, Entrepreneur or Professional. Then your business is a reflection of you, your thoughts and actions. Earn CPD points while our experienced, accredited, Masters L7 qualified, Chartered Marketer, Coach and Mentor guarantees to enhance your personal brand using creativity, technology alongside traditional and modern marketing psychology techniques.

Business brand coaching

Once your personal brand is shining, we can work on superpowering your business brand. We will make you irresistible so people fall in love with you, boosting your powers of motivation and persuasion! We will show you how you can help your customers reach their goals quickly and enjoyably so they think of you for all the right reasons and will do your marketing for you, free!

Attract good quality leads

Again, once your personal and brand are in tip top shape using our formular of marketing psychology executive coaching techniques, we guarantee you will attract good quality leads and improve your conversion rate, earning CPD points at the same time. It’s a win-win situation.

Strengthen customer relationships

Do you wonder why some customers you get on really well with, and others seem to misunderstand you or vice versa. Well we will teach you the psychology hacks to tap into their unconscious and understand what is motivating them. You will learn how to speak their language so you can persuade them to take the actions you want. 

Vicky Vaughan, Chartered Marketing Coach is a Fellow Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing
Vicky Vaughan, Marketing Coach is a Fellow Member of the Institute of Leadership and Management
CPD accredited training provider - chartered marketing coach and mentor
Advance Member of the Institute of Directors
CPD accredited training provider - chartered marketing coach and mentor

Marketing coaching superpowers your personal and business brands

Hi I’m Vicky Vaughan FCIM FInstLM and welcome to my Personal Coaching page. Below are actual questions requested by coachees and mentees I’ve recently worked with. Underneath each question, I’ve shared how I structured the coaching session. My philosopy is to always adopt an inside out approach because to create a powerful personal brand that shines, you need to be passionate with a purpose. You need to sound excited, confident and peachy so you can motivate, inspire and persuade others.

And to do this, first we need to find your spark. Everyone has a spark – maybe you’ve found yours but it may need re-igniting? Therefore, during our coaching sessions, we will find and nurture your spark. Then we will create exciting opportunities for you to truly blossom. Then we will blend my creative skills, executive coaching tools and marketing psychology concepts with your experience, insights, to create alchemy and voila, we have created brand magic.  If you would like to see my coaching and training style, take a look at my Marketing Psychology from the Inside Out course.

It is my mission in coaching to superpower your personal brand and business brand, making you irresistible to customers, leads, team mates, your boss – anyone you want to persuade and influence. You will learn techniques to strengthen your relationships in business and in the workplace and many other brand strengthening tools. 

The Brand Surgery® is CPD accredited training provider, so you can CPD earn points for working with me. I am qualified to Postgraduate Level in Executive Coaching, Mentoring and Marketing. I am a Fellow Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and a Fellow Member of the Institute of Leadership and Management. The Brand Surgery® is also a CPD Accredited Training Provider. 


I'm looking for advice on how to develop myself within my marketing career from an unbiased perspective as well as the opportunity to maximise my performance

Here I asked the coachee to describe the ‘maximum performance’ she desired. I used a solutions focused approach to understand where the coachee perceived her current position was and the gap to achieving her goal was. The coachee then set her own homework to take her a step closer during each session.


I'm looking for some clarity on how best to develop my role and find my niche within the broad role I have.

It is important to ascertain what the coachee’s niche is, so he can do more of what he is passionate about. Therefore, I take the coachee through powerful questions I have created. Once we are clear, together we brainstorm opportunities to develop the talent further and enhance his his personal brand so he stands out in the workplace and is noticed for the right reasons.


I would like help with Building confidence, Career advice, Project Management, Time management I would like to work towards gaining the above skills in my mentoring experience, and discuss my skillset achieved already in my 3 years in marketing to then see how to transfer into a new or more senior role.

There were lots of goals here, so the first job is to understand the goal which is most important and the coachee would like to discuss in each session. I always ask coachees to put their goal into context. It makes visualising the end goal much easier. I invite the coachee to think about times they have been superconfident and we explore feelings,  thoughts and triggers. It’s always about looking forwards, but we also need to understand why and how coachees react to circumstances. 


I would like help with General and Career advice, Tips to help build confidence, Clarity around influencing SMT -Outside opinions/point of view -Frameworks for bigger and better *and long term* strategy projects -Learning more about leadership in general

Another question around confidence. What makes us confident and what makes us nervous? The coachee wanted to be an influential leader, so he enrolled on my Marketing Psychology course to superpower his powers of motivation, influence and persuasion. It was interesting how differently the coachee answer the questions after completing the course. Only by tapping into yourself can you tap into and understand those around you.


I am in a stand alone position with no other people in the business with a marketing background. WIth this in mind, I would like to have a sounding board on any marketing challenges I face I would like to build my confidence and influencing skills so I have the ability to move into a Director position.

This coachee wanted more of a technical mentoring arrangement so he would share decisions he had to make for the business. We would explore ideas to ensure he was making an informed decision which sometimes involved the coachee undertaking further marketing research. We also explored where the coachee wanted to be career-wise and assist him taking achieveable action points.


I would like help with General and Career advice, CV building, Developing influence, Goal Setting

It is important to understand the goal of a coachee in order to build an outstanding and authentic personal brand and CV to shout about it! It’s important to have a ‘generic CV’ which you can tailor for the dream job in question. We discussed discussed the coachee’s favourite parts of previous jobs and why she liked them. The job needs to be broken down into the place, the people, the role. What is the coachee’s ultimate goal – are the people important? This coachee felt 


I see you are currently working with an apprentice on self confidence and relationships as well as marketing strategy and planning and I would welcome your support with these areas.

Once again, self confidence is a key area for development. Here we explored occasions where the coachee had felt less or more confident and we discussed the contrasts in feelings. Many coachees are confident until they present to some in authority and then the mind goes blank. I share psychology hacks to overcome this and make a great first impression.


I would like help with Brand, Marketing Communications, Digital and Building confidence, Career advice, CV building, Goal Setting, Self-confidence I would like to obtain support with career advancement, helping to draw out my strengths and weakness as well as increasing my confidence as I do so.

So many qualifications teach students the technical skills, but not the soft skills required to apply skills with confidence. I always let the coachee choose the goal he or she would like to achieve in our one hour session and here we focused on goal setting. In marketing we learn about SMART goals so why no apply them to ourself? Together we work out what is Specific, Measurable, Achieveable, Relevant and Time-based.  


I would like help with Marketing Communications, Building confidence, Career advice, CV building, Developing influence, Enterprise skills, Negotiation I would like to achieve a better brand identity. I would like to gain more senior content roles, and I would like to gain some clients.

Here is a perfect example of where enhancing a personal brand is so important and once again confidence is a major player. There’s no point having a ton of marketing expertise if you are too scared to used it. We planned some activities where smaller decisions were taken first to gain guaranteed quick wins which would boost confidence and make this coachee stand out in the workplace for the right reason. 

Return on investment

The Manchester Review states that the impact of Executive Coaching shows an ROI of 5.7 times the investment; improving organisational relationships by 74%, teamwork by 67% and job satisfaction by 61%


Return on investment

A Harvard Business School study indicates that companies implementing a coaching culture have improved revenue growth (520%), employment growth (246%) and net-income growth (755%) compared to companies operating without it

Trial session £35

Book a 45 minute trial session for only £35. For this small investment, I will ask you some powerful questions to really make you think and reflect. If you enjoy my coaching style, then we can book the next session at my full hourly rate of £65. You only book and pay for one session in advance.



Degree of trust

“Half of employees believe that their organisation prioritises financial goals over ethical organisations, and 48% say the same about their CEOs” (ILM Trust Index 2011). This indicates that employees do not trust leaders. The chief drivers of engagement are growth recognition and trust.
  • Leading change
  • Communicating change
  • Inspiring / motivating staff
  • Time management

"Executive Coaching has made a huge difference in a very short period of time. The plan that has developed during sessions has been key to my leadership development. Vicky’s 12 years experience in Local Government are of value because she understands the constraints and financial pressures that Sussex police and other public services are under and coaches with this in mind. I am happy to recommend Victoria for Executive Coaching services."

Chief Inspector Howard Hodges

Adur, Worthing & Horsham District Commander, Sussex Police

  • New leader integration
  • Personal branding
  • Communicating change
  • Inspiring / motivating staff
  • Time management


"Executive coaching has helped me to see the benefits of change rather than the burden. This has helped me to think more creatively and tap into my skills for inspiring and motivating managers throughout the business more effectively. Discussing work issues outside of the business has hugely benefited me and allowed me to see a clearer way forward. I am genuinely surprised at how effective coaching is and would recommend Victoria's executive coaching services to all senior managers and directors."

Gordon Frost

Operations Director, Stagecoach South

  • Time management
  • Communication Skills
  • Relationship management
  • Personal branding

"Vicky is an excellent coach, her approach is based on developing successful solutions in a positive and inspiring environment. She offers creative ideas for developing new strategies and approaches to problems. Her sessions are well-focussed and structured, and always end with positive outcomes and ideas for development."

Dr Stephen Millam

Director, Brinsbury Campus, Chichester College