Meet Anna Westwood, the beautiful and talented wife of golf-pro, Tony Westwood

Vicky, the surgery boss, met Anna via her husband Tony who was giving Vicky golf lessons in her attempt to beat Tiger Woods.

Vicky decided that quaffing a generous glass of Pinot with Tony’s wife Anna was much more enjoyable, and Vicky and Anna found out that they shared a huge passion for creativeness, plus a much less desirable emotion for hoodies and bullies …

Anna was born into a creative family in 1970. She is a self taught artist with the fortune of having her father’s influence from his years of signwriting. Anna lives in the Algarve, Portugal, with Tony and their two daughters. Anna’s inspiration comes from nature, people and life. Anna says, “I love strong bold colours, and I enjoy learning through experimenting with different mediums and techniques. My aim is to create Art for Everyone. Whether you are young or old, a private or a corporate client. My focus is on you and what you want.”

Vicky strongly recommends Anna for any paintings, murals or designs you may need for your home, or a gift. Please contact Anna by email annacwestwood@googlemail.com or telephone : +351 910 954 918.