Brand Marketing: Reaching and engaging your audience

Marketing your brand’s soul

We’ve already established that marketing is like asking someone for a kiss and branding is the reason that someone would want to kiss you. If your brand’s soul is shining brightly, then people will fall in love and do your marketing for you by way of positive online reviews and spreading the word.  Marketing your brand is important to let people know you are open for business and will help them achieve their goals, enjoyably!

Post-pandemic brand marketing

Even though the world is gradually opening for business, we are still in a pandemic. How have your customers and your target audience goals, priorities, and thoughts changed? When was the last time you asked them? The most common mistake is guessing how goals and priorities have changed.

I am a Chartered Marketer and a Fellow Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing. That means I follow the latest and best practice marketing tools to grow your business brand, making it shine brightly during tender and turbulent times. I create bespoke branding marketing solutions to celebrate and grow your business brand.  I have recently helped businesses create and market new products and solutions that are relevant to today’s and tomorrow’s priorities.

What is included in brand marketing?

Referring back to our kissing analogy, if you kept asking people for kisses, they would soon tire of you! 

  1. Identify customers and target audience who will truly value your offering: We would have completed some of this work when we explored your brand essence and brand soul
  2. I understand your customers, so we can help them achieve their goals: What is important to your customers? I am a qualified coach and will ask powerful questions, so we understand your clients’ and audience’s goals, so your brand can help them achieve their goals, enjoyably, and they fall in love with your brand.
  3. Brand marketing planning and strategy: Each business is different, and we don’t fit them into a box with inflexible marketing packages, rather we have a menu of marketing solutions that we carefully select to suit your business brand. We create bespoke brand marketing solutions that celebrate the uniqueness of you and your customers.  The brand marketing plan will include the most suitable form of offline or online communication, what to say, when. to say it, how to say it, how often to say it – e.g. social media, letter, email, phone call,  business networking etc. at the best time.
  4. Brand marketing implementation: Apart from promoting your brand, listening is an important part of communication – many businesses forgot to read and engage with customers who have taken the time to respond to brand promotions.  We will help you with all aspects of brand marketing. BOOK A FREE CHAT for further information. 

    How The Brand Surgery’s grew brands through brand marketing solutions

    “The Brand Surgery® relaunched our ‘night rider’ brand across Sussex. This included marketing and managing two launch events. We’re delighted with the service – we trust Vicky and her team to get on with the job with minimum input from us. I am happy to recommend The Brand Surgery for their brand development and launch event services.”
    Mike Watson, Regional Director, Stagecoach Bus Group

    “Vicky has been leading our marketing direction since 2016 and during that time we have tripled in size. She also designed our logo, website, company presentations, and our brochure. It is fantastic to find a ‘full service’ marketing consultant who is creative and strategic. Vicky makes marketing an enjoyable topic, and I am very pleased to recommend her to other businesses who are serious about growing.”
    Mark Berwick, Boss Controls

    Vicky came highly recommended by one of our local authority customers, so we knew that she not only understood marketing, she understood our audience too. Vicky audited our core marketing activities, which has highlighted that we didn’t promote our CSR or our skills to their full potential. Vicky also suggested some great ways to improve the impact of our communication by segmenting our target audience, which will greatly improve our communication to potential customers. I thoroughly recommend The Brand Surgery®.”
    Dr Andrew Larner, CEO, iESE


          Brand Marketing Solutions

          Choose from our menu of online and offline brand marketing solutions:

          • Online and offline marketing strategy
          • Brand launch events
          • Partnership marketing
          • Marketing coaching and mentoring
          • Hands-on marketing solutions
          • CPD accredited marketing psychology from the inside out
          Online and offline marketing strategy Brand launch events Partnership marketing Marketing coaching and mentoring Hands-on marketing solutions
          Brand launch event for Boss Controls - BMS controls and energy management business helping clients achieve Net Zero


          The Boss rebrand took place in 2016 and since then, the team have been shining from within because they co-created the Boss values. The engineers are extremely proud of their work, and they found it easy to articulate what makes them different. Marketing projects have included: Marketing strategy and planning, product launch events, promotional merchandise, internal marketing communications, content creation, and partnership marketing.


          I have been working with iESE since 2008 when they had to reinvent their business from Government-funded to self-funded business. Brand marketing projects include customer research (customer profiling), market research, case studies, product positioning, planning customer journeys. See testimonial.

          Rebrand for iese public sector consultants

          Examples of brand marketing

          Networking between three councils


          We have been working with Stagecoach South since 2006, first on the Coastliner Magazine, then designing the bus livery, and also. I act as an interim marketing department on ad-hoc basis. I was asked to organise the launch of the Coastliner 700 night bus which runs between Worthing and Brighton. I invited the mayors and chairmen across the three adjoining councils, town centre managers and venue proprietors along the route. It was a successful event. Read the testimonial.

          Further brand marketing case studies

          Boss Remote Solutions sub-brand logo for new business


          Timing is key in brand marketing, and Boss Controls took advantage of the public’s affection towards remote technology during the pandemic and launched Boss Remote Solutions Centre (RSC). For this, I helped the Boss Senior Management Team explore the brand essence of this new solution. From this, I designed the ‘sub-brand’ logo to reflect Boss Controls’ brand soul. Once the brand visuals were agreed, I redesigned Boss Controls new website to celebrate the launch of Boss Remote Solutions Centre sub-brand. I am also helping to promote this exciting expansion via social media and

          Talent Within You and McLaren Automotive
          The Brand Surgery supports The Community


          Talent Wtihin You is a charitable organisation I launched in 2009 to support nurture and unleash the talent of children and teens in Worthing. In 2019, the focus was extended to boost the self-esteem of teens and I designed a series of workshops over 7 months, using my coaching expertise. I then approached a number of potential partners with who our members would aspire to work with. McLaren Automotive offered work experience for our two top teens. A number of other valued partners joined the team of sponsors. None o this could have been achieved without the help of our talented and committed volunteers. Read more.

          Rebrand for iese public sector consultants


          I have been working with iESE public sector transformation consultants since 2008. After ten years of working on the iESE brand strategy, they recruited a digital marketing manager. Recently they promoted her to Head of Marketing and I have been coaching her to run the department. In the last couple of years, I have helped the Head of Marketing to change over to a new marketing system. I helped them design the marketing system and customer journeys. Contact me for a copy of the case study.

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