Brand refresh

Do your business need brand refresh or rebrand?

There is often confusion between a brand refresh and a complete rebrand. Do you know what you need? Referring back to the kissing analogy: Marketing is like asking someone for a kiss, and branding is the reason why people would want to kiss you. Refresh or rebrand … your brand still needs to shine from the inside out and be kissable.

If your brand is established and growing sustainably, then chances are, your brand soul is shining brightly from within. So why would you need a brand refresh? A brand refresh focuses on the aesthetics of your business. Maybe your logo is looking a tad stale?

It is essential to hire a fully accredited logo designer and branding consultant even for the aesthetics because any change may confuse your existing customer base if it is not communicated professionally. If people don’t understand why you’ve refreshed your logo, people may think you’ve changed management, or something sinister and trust in your brand will be broken. When a brand refresh is professionally communicated, people’s expectations will be managed, and they will be excitedly awaiting your brand refresh.

If you can confidently answer YES to the following questions, then maybe a brand refresh may be all that you need.

  1. Are you 100% confident that your brand soul is shining brightly from the inside out?
  2. Do your vision, mission and values still excite you and your team?
  3. Are you 100% confident your team, customers and target audience understand your brand’s soul?
  4. Are you 100% confident that your customers’ priorities and goals are the same, post-pandemic?
  5. Are you 100% confident that your products and services are still relevant?
  6. Are you still 100% as excited about your business as you were when you launched it?

If you can’t answer YES to these questions, then a business rebrand may be more appropriate. 

Reasons for a brand refresh

  1. Have you moved premises and looking for fresh signage?
  2. Are your existing brochures looking stale?
  3. Is your website looking stale?
  4. Is your social media engagement still healthy?
  5. Do you need to order more branded pens, notebooks and other promotional merchandise?

I am a Chartered Marketer with over twenty-five years of rebranding experience, having worked with 100s of small Business Owners, Coaches, Consultants, Freelancers, Entrepreneurs and Professionals (BOCCFEPs), just like you. A brand refresh your business can feel daunting, and The Brand Surgery uses the kissing analogy to inject some fun into your brand refresh journey.

I use a blend of marketing psychology, creative design, and my tried and tested inside-out philosophy to enable your business to shine from within. Your brand refresh will be a reflection of your brand soul, that spark of light that keeps everybody going through the good and bad times. Your brand soul’s resonance is the reason why people want to kiss you more than once. This ensures that your brand communications are authentic, relevant, have meaning and tell an engaging story.

Once your logo, core colours and brand symbols are agreed upon, this will be echoed throughout your website, social media, and other marketing collateral. Your brand guidelines for print and digital will then be created to formalise the look, feel, correct logo use, symbols, images, brand voice, and more. This puts you in control because as your business grows, your communications will remain consistent, creating brand trust and attracting more kisses!

If your business has an HR department, then is essential that your whole team are on board with the rebranding journey and that future decisions are made based upon your values. This is more easily achieved if your values are fed into your employee handbook. I work with HR departments, ensuring employees are engaged and living the brand values.

For a brand refresh, you will need to provide your vision, mission and values, your target market, the content’s of your brand’s soul and your brand strategy objectives. If you don’t have this, then head over to our business rebrand page.

From the above I will create:   

Brand refresh solutions

  • Logo design (see before and after brand refresh)
  • Website design
  • Social media templates
  • Email signatures
  • Promotional merchandise
  • Brand guidelines
  • Launch event and PR for brand refresh 
  • Resonating your brand soul throughout all your marketing communications

Celebrate and promote your brand refresh

Now that you have arrived in the perfect place to celebrate your brand refresh and promote it to the world. I can help you amplify your brand refresh on social media and through the press with a brand relaunch event.

Refresh takeaway

One thing we know for sure is that the only constant thing in life is change, and all business owners need to remain flexible. My mission is that you enjoy the brand refresh journey, so we can continually adapt your brand to remain relevant no matter what challenges life throws at us.

Personal branding

Did you know that 70% of consumers feel more connected to brands with CEOs that are active on social (source: Sprout Social)? This means that your personal brand is as important as your business brand, and is why a rebrand must start with the CEO. I coach business owners to enhance their personal brands. The pandemic has taken it’s toll on many of us. If you’ve lost your mojo and need help with your personal vision, mission and values, to get you excited again, schedule a free chat to discuss. 


    Now businesses are reopening and life is getting back to ‘normal’, you may feel that your website, brochures and other marketing communications are looking a little stale. They may benefit from a refresh to let people know you are ready for business. We will refresh your logo, then help you promote it, so people remember you!

    Promote your logo and brand - uniforms, signaage, promotional products
    How brightly is your brand soul shining? Rebranding solutions from The Brand Surgery



    The Brand Surgery will create a reason for your audience to want to kiss you forever. We are fully accredited in marketing (Chartered Marketer) and coaching, which means we understand how to tap into your audience. See my branding and training testimonials.

    Fully accredited and experienced marketing consultant to create healthy, kissable brands
    How brightly is your brand soul shining? Rebranding solutions from The Brand Surgery


    If you need help with the following, as well as logo design, then a rebrand may be more suitable.

    Are you a mover, shaker or earthquaker?

    Your business is unique. What makes it unique? Rather than trying to fit into the mould of your sector, The Brand Surgery will celebrate your differences. We explore the heart of your business and make it beat stronger.  Our SEISMIC rebrand model is based on 100s of successful rebrands over 20 years.

    Earthquake seismic business branding
    Website hosting to grow your business brand and personal brand


    • Bringing people together towards a common goal?
    • Raising the moral standard for others?
    • Uniting people from different backgrounds?
    • Acting as a leader in our society?

    Examples of successful business brand refreshes

    Visit our portfolio to see our other business rebrands.

    Logo and menu design for Casa Ciro Restaurant


    We completed this brand refresh for Casa Ciro Italian Restaurant back in 2005 and it is still going strong 16 years later. The client already had a strong vision, mission and values which shines through in the customer service and food and therefore didn’t require the rebrand solution. For this rebrand, we visited the echoed the look and feel of the restaurant throughout the branding.  We totally recommend Casa Ciro Italian Restaurant. Read this rebrand testimonial. 

    Logo design for Suzuki Rhino


    Suzuki requested a refresh of their established Rhino logo for a new range of Suzuki promotional merchandise which adorned 4×4 Suzuki Jimnys and Suzuki Grand Vitaras. This is classified as a brand refresh because Suzuki GB Plc had group brand guidelines including vision, mission and values. The Brand Surgery® also designed The Rhino Magazine, for Suzuki 4×4 car owners.

    Logo design hunters recruitment shoreham business


    In 2019, we completed a rebrand for Intech Controls. We worked with the team to co-create vision, mission and values. We created a colour palette, look and feel which was translated into a new website, social media templates, brochure, email signatures and other online and offline marketing collateral. 

    Logo and stationery design as part of rebrand for Crockerz Events and Crockerz Castles

    Crockerz Events and Castles

    Reason. for the rebrand: This was a business acquisition and the new owner wanted a fresh new look for the business. You could almost put this under a brand refresh, rather than a rebrand because the owner declined our recommendation of vision, mission  and values. The question is, can a business be too small to worry about these things? The answer is whether you want your business to become a kissable brand. Are you a brand or a comomidty? If the brand shines through excellent customer service, then you are half way there.

    Logo design hunters recruitment shoreham business


    Another of our logos was designed way back in 2006 and still going strong. The CEO had a strong vision of repair, renew, restore, and we echoed this in the logo by using a lime green colour. We are advocates of marketing psychology – especially colour psychology, which runs throughout our rebranding work.  Many business launch their businesses on a shoe string budget and require brand refreshes a few years later to add the professional touch. 

    Logo design corporate identity Chartered Accounts MastersFuller

    MastersFuller Accountants

    Reason for this rebrand: Merger of two accountancy firms in Worthing, West Sussex – Masters and Fullers! Again, another of our early rebrands which has lasted the distance. This is because The Brand Surgery® futureproofs all logo design throuh research and marketing psychology. Back in 2006, there wasn’t so much emphasis on vision, mission and values. With the rise in competition due to technology, it’s important to make your brand’s soul shine brightly from within.