Logo design for new businesses, rebrands and brand refreshes

Logo design for new businesses, rebrands and brand refreshes

Welcome aboard your exciting logo design journey. The Brand Surgery designs logos for  BOCCFEPs – which are small Business Owners, Coaches, Consultants, Freelancers, Entrepreneurs, and Professionals. The one thing that unites us is our passion to be the best and shine from within, ethically. Every single logo designed by The Brand Surgery® tells a story and captures the essence of your business – your brand soul.

The Brand Surgery® designs logos and corporate identities that are easily recognisable and celebrates your brand soul.  Celebrating your brand’s soul ensures that your customer’s expectation and their experience aligns. This leads to brand trust and in turn business growth.

The logo design journey with The Brand Surgery

The Brand Surgery® begins the logo design journey by taking a brief from you. We then research your business, your market, and your customers. Only once essential insights have been gained, do the design tools make an appearance. Then I will combine creative design with colour and marketing psychology to ensure your logos are fit for purpose. I offer six design concepts as a minimum, and they must all pass The Brand Surgery stress test before presenting to you. Your logo will be presented either in person or zoom. It is important for me to see your first impression, and explain the concepts, which that is why we don’t email the logos as standard. Experience has shown that people don’t tend to read the attached notes! The fee generally includes one set of client amends, therefore we will expect to present a second set of refined logos. Your business in unique which is why our logo design solutions are bespoke. If you have opted to have your refined logo showing in context, then at this stage I will design a website home page, social media templates, email signatures, business cards, brochure covers and/or vehicle livery. Once your new logo is approved, it will be emailed in a number of formats. Then we will move onto designing your corporate identity and brand guidelines.

A logo is just a small part of branding – it is your visual identity and everything your organisation sends out should align with the logo design. It is important to get this part right – The Brand Surgery has the tools and professional expertise in house to future-proof your logo. Many of our client’s logo designs are over ten years old and going strong because we did the necessary market research.

Corporate identity

Once your logo has been designed, The Brand Surgery will apply it to your website design, brochure design, social media accounts, vehicle livery … the list is endless. There is nothing we hate more than to see a beautiful logo literally ‘plonked’ onto a brochure or website and we work hard to make everything in your business consistently beautiful! That’s why brand guidelines are important. 

Brand guidelines

For that reason The Brand Surgery recommends that all businesses have a corporate identity and brand guidelines, so if you want to save a few pennies in the future, you can hand the guide to anyone who will be able to follow it and design beautiful adverts, keeping to your tone, theme, fonts and colours without us even being there.

Brand development

Contrary to popular belief, branding is much more than logo design. It starts from the inside. If you already have an established brand and you are thinking of a brand refresh, then it is important to obtain ‘buy-in’ from your team. Ask yourself why you are having a rebrands? Are you diversifying? Entering a new market? Or has your existing visual identity become a little stale?

It is essential not to confuse your target market by rebranding. It needs to reflect success. We have a Chartered Marketer in-house who will ensure your visual branding will reflect success and generate positive engagement from the right kind of customers. 

Three reasons to hire The Brand Surgery to design your new logo

  1. I am a Chartered Marketer with over twenty-five years of branding experience, having worked with 100s of smart Business Owners, Coaches, Consultants, Freelancers, Entrepreneurs and Professionals (BOCCFEPs), just like you. Branding your business can feel daunting, and The Brand Surgery uses the kissing analogy to inject some fun into your branding journey.
  2. I use a blend of marketing psychology, creative design, and my tried and tested inside-out philosophy to create a brand strategy for your business to shine from within. Your stunning new logo, social media messages and website will be a reflection of your brand soul. Your spark of energy will keep everybody going through the good and bad times. Your brand soul’s resonance is the reason why people want to kiss you more than once. This ensures that your brand communications are authentic, relevant, have meaning and tell an engaging story.
  3. Read what others say about The Brand Surgery.


      Logo design for new businesses, rebrands and brand refreshes

      Follow our 7 steps to Brand Success to discover and nurture your brand soul. Creating a successful business brand with The Brand Surgery is enjoyable and exciting.  I am a branding designer who is fully accredited in marketing (Chartered Marketer) and coaching, which means I understand how to tap into your audience. See my branding and training testimonials.

      Logo design for new businesses, rebrands and brand refreshes - The Brand Surgery, Sussex
      Marketing is like asking someone to kiss you. Branding is the ‘reason’ they want to kiss you.


      Inner branding

      1. Discover & nurture your brand soul
      2. Brand strategy: Let your soul shine to the right people at the right time.
      3. Logo design & corporate identity
      4. Brand guidelines
      5. Website design
      6. Promotional merchandise
      7. Brand refresh launch events
      8. Brand refresh marketing


      Once your brand soul is discovered, let it shine throughout all your marketing collateral – from promotional products, though to uniforms, your website and social media. The Brand Surgery will create a reason for your audience to want to kiss you forever. Back this up with a stunning logo and brand visuals – and watch your brand launch.  

      Promote your logo and brand - uniforms, signaage, promotional products
      Logo design menu design corporate identity The Fat Greek Taverna restaurant


      Once your logo, core colours, and brand symbols are agreed upon, this will be echoed throughout your website, social media, and other marketing collateral. Below is a selection of logo designs for businesses, projects and apps. Logo design is a small part of creating a healthy, kissable brand. See new business branding below.


      Once your brand soul is shining brightly and your new logo is agreed upon, we will create your brand guidelines for print and digital. Your brand guidelines are your ‘bible’ to keep referring to ensure consistency when marketing your brand. The brand guidelines ensure correct logo use, symbols, images, brand voice, and more. This puts you in control because as your business grows, your communications will remain consistent, creating brand trust and attracting more kisses!

      Trade union rebrand - National Federation of SubPostmasters
      Earthquake seismic business branding

      Are you a mover, shaker or earthquaker?

      Your business is unique. We celebrate what makes it unique, Rather than trying to it fit into a box. The Brand Surgery will celebrate your differences by discovering your brand soul. We explore the epicentre of your business and ensure it is felt globally.  Our seismic branding tool is based on 100s of successful brands and rebrands over 20 years.

      Logo design for new businesses, rebrands and brand refreshes

      Logo and menu design for The Fat Greek Restaurant


      The Fat Greek Taverna is based in Worthing, Sussex.  It is a celebration of Greek culture. The owner, Andrew Sparsis, asked us to create a logo and brand visuals to promote the soul of his new business venture. Andrew wanted a rustic look and feel. We created a website and menu templates for his printer to be able to amend, saving the business money in the long term. 

      Boss Remote Solutions sub-brand logo for new business


      We have been working with Boss Controls to grow their business brand since 2016. As a result of the growth, the business has expanded and has opened Boss Remote Solutions Centre which serves the whole of the UK. Boss Controls will always be the umbrella brand and the Boss RSC logo was design to complement the existing branding.  To read more about Boss Controls, visit their website.  

      Logo design and branding for Local Government apps - technology and ai


      iESE public sector transformation consultants lead by example, and they have transformed their business model to adapt to the digital age and related market trends. As a part of iESE’s transformation, they have developed a new suite of apps which The Brand Surgery created the logos and visual branding for,  keeping to iESE brand guidelines, which we helped them develop. You can read more about the apps on iESE’s website which The Band Surgery also designed and developed.

      Website design and branding for business setup - property developer

      Chesterman Homes

      Chesterman Homes is a property developer based in Shoreham, West Sussex. The owner, Sven Chesters, asked us to create the name, logo, website. As always, we started the project by identifying the soul behind Sven’s vision. We celebrated his uniqueness by partnering with the Hedgehog Society.  Chesterman Homes promises to build a hedgehog-friendly garden in every property the company develops. 

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