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What have a chameleon and a firefighter got in common?

Two weeks ago my oven caught fire so I dialled 999. Within five minutes two fire units turned up and I had a house full of firefighters. I had a lucky escape as no-one was hurt and nothing was damaged. Since then, my mind keeps drifting back to those firefighters … but not for the reasons you may be thinking …

Our spectacular 999 emergency services are always ready and able to adapt their behaviour to suit all manner of situations: from cats stuck up trees, to huge fires and horrific road traffic accidents.

Imagine if we injected some of the emergency services’ mindset into organisations that struggle to adapt to change e.g. organisations in the public sector including education, third sector and some retailers etc.

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It's Thyroid Awareness Week!

As you know The Brand Surgery® is an ethical branding agency and we work hard to Create Shared Value as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility strategy.

This year, we have chosen Thyroid UK as our chosen charity, mainly because our MD suffers with an under-active thyroid (hypothyroidism) so this subject is close to her heart, or should we say her throat!

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Become a super-strong brand by adopting a coaching culture

Our executive coaching services will develop your leadership skills helping you to create a dynamic 'Super Team'. The Brand Surgery® now offers a complete brand management package with the addition of Executive Coaching. We are proud to be the only brand management...

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It’s all about connecting the dots

We were asked by Stagecoach North East to redesign its bus livery and branding for the launch of a new fleet of buses (and part of a £2.3 million investment).

In aligned the livery design to the Stagecoach Group’s corporate identity guidelines. We designed a new logo for ‘Connecting the Dots’ which used a font made up of dots. We designed simple black icons help customers to visualise the activities that are accessible by bus. The coloured lines connecting the dot symbols are the same colours as the corresponding routes on the route map.

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Registered Expert (business coach) with the Business Growth Service

The Brand Surgery® is a Registered Expert for the Business Growth Service which means you can enjoy highly subsidised effective business coaching. The Business Growth Service is a Government-backed service offering support to businesses with the potential to improve and grow. You may know it as GrowthAccelerator.

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Do you multi-task when listening to podcasts or taking part in webinars?

We are conducting an online poll and would be grateful for less than one minute of your time.

Do you ever listen to podcasts or take part in webinars? Do you multi-task when listening to podcasts. What would make you listen more carefully?

Please take part in our quick online poll.

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Worthing Wifi brochure design

Brochure design and window sticker design We have recently completed this exciting project for Worthing Town Centre Initiative. We were given a photographic to make 'sunny'! We created window stickers and the cover to a Worthing Wi-Fi map Worthing boasts over 400...

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Brand building tips for business success

  "A brand by itself can do nothing  – it must integrate with elements of your business" (Kapferer 2012). We have previously identified that there is much more to brand building than logo design and here are a few essential brand integration techniques to help you to...

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Good news! More business funding from Enterprise Vouchers

We are pleased to announced that Enterprise Vouchers are soon available. What advice can be accessed as part of Enterprise Vouchers? The Enterprise Vouchers programme will help small businesses access strategic business advice within the following categories: Going...

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Retail branding and signage – The Coffee House, Worthing

We have been working with The Coffee House since 2003 and are pleased to have recently designed their outdoor seating partition to compliment the recent rebrand. We have also designed some more window graphics and signage to promote their amazing take-away coffee and cheap drink refills. The Coffee House also serves delicious food and caters for people with food intolerances by offering dairy and wheat-free range of foods.

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How Growth Vouchers helped The Sage Guys

As a result of the changes suggested by The Brand Surgery through the Growth Voucher programme, SoftServ immediately started to receive a much better response to their email marketing. The Growth Voucher programme has allowed SoftServ to fulfil its marketing potential and to make positive changes towards its business.

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Do a Madonna – The Secret to Successful Branding

In 2010 I published my first business marketing book called Do A Madonna: The Secret to Successful Branding. Do a Madonna is aimed at new businesses with a gap in marketing knowledge and is written in a light-hearted and humorous tone. The book is currently being edited and rebranded and due to be launched in 2016. However, it is still available in digital format and in light of Madonna’s amazing performance and go-get attitude last night at The Brits, I felt this was an ideal opportunity to relaunch it before the rebrand.

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