The Brand Surgery rates this as top cosmetic packaging

The Brand Surgery rates Benefit cosmetics packaging as the best cosmetic packaging by far!

OMG! We love Benefit cosmetics packaging! It’s not just fantastically sexy, it delivers what the packaging promises.

Okay, so we’ve been a bit slow updating our blog, the reason is that I have been celebrating my 40th birthday in true style, being Queen Victoria – I received two weeks of birthday celebrations. One of the many gorgeous birthday gifts I received was this Sexy Starlet cosmetic set by Benefit. Now, I have been mesmorised by the Benefit counter in Boots many times – the packaging design draws me in, and I find I just stare at it for yonkie yoodles. How I maintain self-control mystifies me. Or is it that I am determined not to be won over by packaging? I used to wonder if the product inside was as good as the packaging design promises.

FACT: Benefit cosmetics is truly as sexy as it’s packaging

Hooray! For once I have not been disappointed. Benefit cosmetics are as gorgeous as their packaging. The Foundation Faker is orgasmic – it feels lovely when you apply it – it beats my two ‘expensive’ foundations by miles. The CORALista blusher is to die for – the colour lights up my face – even at 40! And the BADgal lash mascara … Well I haven’t tried this yet, as I am using up an older mascara, but I may just have to be a BADgal and bin the old mascaras. Sorry landfill 🙁

What is it that makes Benefit packaging so sexy, irresistable and so god damn cute?

Maybe it’s the pink – we all know that The Brand Surgery love a strong dose of bright pink! Now, we constantly educate our clients to keep their branding consistent, yet Benefit packaging design is different on each product. How many different fonts can one brand include on their packaging? Their designers are breaking all the rules of good design – but the broken rules work so incredibly well. I get excited just by looking at the packaging, it hypotises me – it is irresistably retro – and I have now been converted into a 40 year old Benefit girl – that is a Benefit cosmetics girl – not a benefits girl!

The Brand Surgery ranking table has never looked so healthy. The only points lost were due to Benefit not stating whether the products were recyclable. Giving that most the Benefit products being made of card – we guess they can be recycled. If anyone at Benefit reads this – it would be good to have the recycling logo on the box to encourage people to recycle. Having said that, I can’t bring myself to throw away the packaging. I keep all the products in their cute, sexy little boxes 🙂 Well done to everyone at Benefit!

Take a look at the Benefit website where you can find out where your nearest store is.

Benefit Cosmetics ranking
The Brand Surgery rates Benefit Cosmetics packaging as the best by far!