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What is the difference between branding and marketing?

Marketing is like asking someone to kiss you, and branding is the ‘reason’ they want to kiss you. Why do people want to kiss your brand?

Marketing is like asking someone to kiss you. Branding is the ‘reason’ they want to kiss you.

Has your brand got soul?

Brand soul is like human soul. Brands are made from people and all people have souls. Are you a good soul? The Brand Surgery helps businesses to ignite and nurture their soul.

How brightly is your brand soul shining? Rebranding solutions from The Brand Surgery
Branding for podcasts and related marketing

Podcast branding packages

Design your own podcast branding packages to wow your audience. From podcast logo design,  podcast branding,
membership branding, templates, colour palettes and social media templates. Who are you trying to reach in your podcast? What action do you want your audience to take? Branding for libsyn and more.

Fully accredited branding consultant - chartered marketer - branding coach

Fully accredited brand management consultant

I am a CPD accredited Chartered Marketer, with a powerful combination of creative design, executive coaching, and marketing psychology expertise. I will grow your brand from the inside out, enabling you your brand to shine and stand out from the crowd. Plus you can earn CPD points at the same time.

Social networking branding packages

Choose packages to suit your social networking needs. From logo design, LinkedIn company page branding, Facebook/Instagram page branding, Twitter page branding, Zoom/Teams background branding.

Social media branding vintage art deco style greetings cards

Seductive branding for your customer journey

Stunning branding to seduce your customers from the very first point they lay eyes on you. Guaranteed to create trust and meaningful connection, creating a longing for your brand.

Customer journey branding - from business card to social media
You are in charge of how much your rebrand costs


Learn about our pricing structure and how you can keep the cost of  your new branding, rebranding and brand refreshes down.

CPD accredited marketing pscyhology course


Use marketing psychology to influence, persuade and motivate people around you – from prospective customers in sales pitches through to your marketing messages. This course will strengthen your personal and business branding from the inside out. Worth 22 CPD hours.

The Brand Surgery creates that ‘reason’ and you are in the right place if you want more kisses.

Launched in 2002 – we’ve been creating kissable brands by making them shine brightly from the inside out.  After all, you want to look good, taste good and have an irresistible and interesting personality, so people keep coming back for more kisses, right?

To create the ‘reason’ why people want to kiss you, we superpower your brand by blending marketing strategy, psychology and creative design.  We achieve this by designing stunning logos, websites and other online and offline marketing collateral. At the same time, we ‘superpower’ the heart and soul of your brand, and to do this, we blend trainingcoaching with ‘hands on’ marketing solutions.

Our kissable clients include exciting startups through to established SMEs. They have all enjoyed plenty of long kisses and as a result, they have typically tripled in size within two-three years, bucking trends in difficult economic climates.

We take kissing seriously and therefore The Brand Surgery is a CPD accredited training provider, a Fellow Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, a Chartered Marketer and a Fellow Member of the Institute of Leadership and Management. This means, you can trust us to make your brand kissable.




Inside out branding projects

The Brand Surgery works hard to makes your brand shine brightly from the inside out. Without a brand personality, your marketing content will be dull. We help you to create exciting stories and opportunities. These photos capture just a few of our exciting branding projects.

  • Boss Controls have trebled in size since we’ve been working with them in 2016. Inside out projects include brand strategy, internal marketing (Boss Bulletin), logo design, website design, social media content and launch events to celebrate their success.
  • Logo design for Worthing Food and Drink Festival, shown with Masterchef Winner, Kenny Tutt from Worthing. This logo is used on event uniforms, branding, advertising.
  • Logo design for iESEs suite of Local Government apps. The colours are from iESE’s brand guidelines which we also created.
  • Logo and website design for Proto Restaurant Group. We designed The Fat Greek logo from an open brief. We created a rustic ‘flame grilled’ feel and incorporated a Greek tone.
  • Website design, logo design and brand coaching for charity strategist, Jean Barclay.
  • Logo design for Hunters Recruitment – an established business. It is important to capture the success of a business when working on rebrands.
  • Logo design and brand guidelines for trade union, The National Federation of Sub PostMasters. 
  • Logo and website design for Intech Controls – a BMS Controls business based in Horsham, Sussex.
  • Rebrand for Suzuki Rhino. You may recognise the Rhino from the wheel covers of 4×4 Suzukis. We evolved the original logo by integrating it with the word Rhino.
Brand launch event for Boss Controls - BMS controls and energy management business helping clients achieve Net Zero
Food festival logo design - Kenny Tutt - Worthing Town Centre Initiative
suzkuki rhino logo design rebrand
Website and logo design - Proto Restaurant Group
Charity Strategist website design for Jean Barclay
Logo design hunters recruitment shoreham business
Trade union rebrand - National Federation of SubPostmasters
Logo design and branding for BMS Controls and energy management business

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