Logo and website design for business startup, Property Developer, Chesterman Homes

We started working with Chesterman Homes in early 2017. Chesterman Homes is a property developer with a reputation for creating a seamless process when developing quality homes speaks for itself. The Chesterman Homes team has been working together for many years, and we are careful to ensure we cause minimum disruption to you while we unlock the potential in your home.

We pay special attention to the environment and apply good design principles throughout the process, from initial contact to the end build. We’ve been building and refurbishing homes across Sussex for years, from urban apartments to family homes. Contact us today to make a no-obligation initial enquiry.

Logo design and brand identity for property developer, Chesterman Homes

This project consisted of market research, business name creation, logo design and developing corporate values.

Sven Chesters and Louise Gorman commissioned The Brand Surgery® to design a new logo and website for them. They wanted to work with us because we have in-house FCIM Chartered marketing expertise. Within our meetings, it also became evident how closely they have to work with planning authorities. Having been a vice-chairman of planning for several years, Vicky, our in-house Chartered Marketer, understands the constraints of planning applications and also what kinds of planning applications settle and unsettle the surrounding community, so we integrated this knowledge into the website copywriting.

Choosing the business name

Our client asked us to help them create a brand name; they were tempted to use the word Sussex or South within their name. We played with different name combinations and we suggested ‘Chesterman’ because this is a blend of both the director’s names and there are not many Chesterman businesses out there. We added ‘Homes’ on the end to give it a warm glow.

Corporate Social Responsibility to build brand trust

We presented a ‘hedgehog’ concept because our market research indicated that property development business has a mixed reputation. Chesterman Homes is buying residential land including gardens, and hedgehogs are considered as good for the garden. Not only this, but this makes an interesting story for digital marketing channels. 

The hedgehog concept was popular and we went to work on designing different hedgehog illustrations and Chesterman Homes is now working with various wildlife charities who are looking out for our endangered garden friend.

We have really enjoyed working with Chesterman Homes because they have been fully immersed in the project and we have had some fantastic brainstorming sessions in person and by telephone.

The website project

Chesterman Homes as a business startup, had no online presence or brand identity. We completed a number of hours of competitor analysis researching property developers throughout the UK. Our client wanted a fresh feel to match the logo design and corporate identity we have previously created.

As per usual, we created a website plan using our strategic marketing expertise. Once this was agreed, we created some website home page designs using our graphic design and marketing expertise for our client to choose from.

Our clients are extremely busy project managing a number of projects, so we provided the copywriting service, using our in-house marketing expertise. We also had the website proofread before the website went live.

Chesterman Homes has requested a soft launch until March next year and during that time, we are providing a blogging and website optimisation service.

Bespoke customer service

All our clients are very different and have different budgets, therefore we tailor our services to exceed the expectations of clients at all times.