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Charity website with e-commerce gift shop - easy way to fundraise
Charity website with e-commerce gift shop – the easy way to fundraise

This project was much more than project design. Our client wished to raise awareness of Camelia Homes and Gardens brand. Having benefited from a tour of the Foundation, it was clear that this charity is much more than a garden centre and that there is untapped potential in all departments; a huge opportunity for fundraising. Therefore, we set to work using our in-house FCIM marketing expertise.


Our tried-and-tested formula for website success

Market research

Market research

Before we start on any brand development work, including new designing a new charity website, we completed market research using our in-house FCIM marketing expertise to establish where Camelia Botnar Homes and Gardens sat within its market.

We use this information for all stages of website development including the website plan, copywriting, design and website marketing.

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Website plan

Website plan

We created a website plan for Camelia Botnar Homes and Gardens, with easy website navigation and interdepartmental crossing-selling opportunities. For example, if someone a customer is in the online pottery shop, they are easily able to navigate to the blacksmiths department and also to the the Gift Shop! We aim to make the shopper have an excellent experience.

We included a few items from the shop on the home page – this means less clicks and a more seamless process. I plan that there would be one pottery product, one wood product, one garden, one blacksmith product etc.

The shop is in its early stages and so far the client has requested Paypal only, however, many of our clients like to use Worldpay.



It is so important to get copywriting correct. There needs to be a healthy balance between human and Google readability. We created the copy for Camelia Botnar using a style to suit the target audience. This is so important to make the shopper feel at home – think about reading papers – how would you feel if you read The Times and someone forced a tabloid on you? It is important to speak in the tone that your customers like which is why market research is so important.

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Website design

Website design

We created a website where people could buy into the Camelia Botnar brand by exploring the fine craftsman waiting in the carpentry, blacksmiths, pottery, the gift shop and the cafe. Each department was making unique gifts that customers cannot find elsewhere. One of our favourite products are the giant metal poppies.

We introduced a complimentary colour for the logo which added a fresh feel.

We used the Camelia Botnar logo throughout as a ‘stamp’ to promote the corporate identity.

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Website marketing

Website marketing

It is essential to budget for the marketing of your website or it will never be found by anyone except those who know your company name.

The Camelia Botnar website creates an experience by encouraging prospective customers to ‘explore’ to buy into the brand. This keeps them on the website longer which is good for Google rankings.

We also linked the website to the charity’s existing social media account including Twitter and Facebook. We also provide the ‘setting up and branding’ of social media for clients upon request.


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Website hosting and maintenance

Website hosting and maintenance

All websites designed by The Brand Surgery are hosted on our dedicated UK based server. This is because we trust our hosting provider and they respond to queries generally within 10 minutes and 30 minutes maximum.

Typically we design WordPress websites and there are plug-ins which must be updated regularly. We offer two grades of maintenance – hosting only and plug-in updates – and we will quote depending on the size and complexity of your website.

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