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Vicky led our senior management team and departmental managers through the development of our sustainability strategy and eco-kitchen, Planet2050®, which was recently showcased at the Coronation Festival, Buckingham Palace. Vicky led the process very well and our 100 prestigious guests in the Housing Construction Industry have been impressed by her attention to detail. Planet2050® in no doubt helped with our recent merger.

Iain Flitcroft event

Managing Director, Paula Rosa Manhattan

The challenge

To assist Paula Rosa Manhattan’s clients’ within the Housing Construction Industry to meet their Climate Change Act 2008 targets by introducing a Corporate Social Responsibility strategy.

The solution

We created a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy for Paula Rosa Manhattan. This included reading through the Code for Sustainable Homes and BREEAM documentation to see the requirements where house builders could earn the most points to achieve higher certification.

Using the points scheme, I led a team to develop an ultra planet-friendly kitchen which achieved these points for house-builder clients. The brand Planet2050® includes an an eco-friendly kitchen and a sustainability strategy.

After much market research, I recommended a new brand called Planet2050® which I presented to the board and they approved. I designed the Planet2050® logo and registered the trademark. We launched Planet2050® at The Coronation Festival, Buckingham Palace in 2013. The kitchen had to be built at the factory to make sure it was perfect, then dismantled to get through Buckingham Palace security, and then rebuilt once on site.

Pre-launch, I networked with Royal Warrant holders including Shepherd Neame and Prestat Chocolate to dress our stand – we served Spitfire beer via the fitted pump dispenser in the Planet2050® kitchen. We also worked with Royal Warrant wine suppliers to stock the best wine for our guests, which of course included some wine tasting to check the quality.

I led the design and manufacturing team to build the kitchen and the stand for this prestigious launch event. I also organised the prestigious guest list of 100 guests through tight security at Buckingham Palace.

Planet2050® to raise the profile of Manhattan Furniture’s sustainability strategy. Planet2050® explains how Manhattan Furniture can help the Housing Construction Industry to gain credits in the Code for Sustainable Homes and BREEAM’s Refurbishment of Domestic Homes. We also created Planet2050® eco-kitchen.

Paula Rosa Manhattan is a hugely successful business with an evolving CSR strategy.

The Code for Sustainable Homes was scrapped to remove red tape for house-builders in order to kick-start the economy. It’s existing standards have now been passed to Building Regulations to monitor.

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