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Case study: Hotel Visual Branding (Hotels, heritage & hospitality)


Sleep Eco Inn > Proto Restaurant Group

Project name:

Hotel (New Business)
SuperFlex™  Logo Design Package

Project objectives:

  1. Create a logo, capturing the essence of a fully automated, convenient, quirky, carbon-neutral, 9 room, stylish hotel.
New Sleep Eco Inn hotel logoNew Sleep Eco Inn hotel logo

Case Study: Cinema Rebrand

Client: Sleep Eco Inn Hotel, Worthing, UK
Project: SuperFlex™ Logo Design
Year: 2024


In the competitive world of UK independent hotels, innovation and powerful branding are non-negotiable. Sleep Eco Inn Hotel in Worthing needed a bold, fresh brand to highlight their eco-friendly luxury. Using The Brand Surgery’s Connect > Converse > Convert methodology, we delivered results that speak for themselves.


Understanding the Market and Identifying Key Opportunities

Over the past decade, the UK Independent Hotel Sector has experienced significant closures, with over 40,000 rooms shutting down due to insufficient investment and innovation (source: Melvin Gold, The UK Independent Hotel Sector Today report). However, the independent hotels that have survived are setting new standards in service and style, often inspiring the larger hotel brands. As Melvin Gold aptly put it, “The best will provide leadership and innovation for the whole hotel sector.”

According to Gold’s report, at the end of 2015, 38,604 independent hotels with 409,913 rooms accounted for 54.9% of the UK’s service accommodation sector. Independent hotels excel through their unique blend of individuality, locality, freedom, personality, and innovation—attributes that meet the growing demand for genuine, exceptional guest experiences. Andrew Sparsis, the visionary behind Sleep Eco Inn, aimed to harness these strengths by prioritizing innovation.


Developing a Compelling Brand Narrative

Our mission was clear: create a versatile logo that epitomises eco-luxury and sophistication. Drawing from our extensive experience in cinema branding, we aimed to encapsulate the essence of Sleep Eco Inn’s identity in a single, powerful design.

Key Elements of the SuperFlex Logo Design:

  • Eco-Friendly Appeal: Utilising natural elements and earthy tones to reflect sustainable practices.
  • Modern Sophistication: Clean, contemporary lines that are both stylish and timeless.
  • Versatility: A design flexible enough to adapt across various platforms and formats, from digital media to physical signage.

We worked closely with stakeholders to ensure the logo aligned perfectly with the hotel’s vision and mission, incorporating valuable feedback throughout the process.


Delivering Tangible Success

The new logo has significantly strengthened Sleep Eco Inn’s brand presence. The hotel has experienced an impressive number of bookings and received excellent feedback from guests and the press. Andrew Sparsis’s focus on innovation, paired with our strategic branding efforts, has positioned Sleep Eco Inn as a prominent player in the independent hotel sector.

The building itself, a heritage-awarded structure originally built as a washhouse in 1910, has been magnificently transformed into a modern eco-hotel. Located just ten minutes from Worthing beach, the hotel offers nine stylish rooms designed for maximum comfort.

Sleep Eco Inn blends eco themed boutique interiors with a dash of concierge service, self-check-in, and eco-friendly electric power, reducing their carbon emissions by 13 tonnes annually. Guests enjoy an unparalleled level of convenience with Sleep’s automated system, eliminating the hassle of long check-in queues.

In a challenging market, Sleep Eco Inn stands as a beacon of the power of strategic branding and relentless innovation.

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I am delighted with The Brand Surgery’s work on our Sleep Eco Inn Hotel branding. The SuperFlex Logo Design perfectly captures our eco-friendly luxury vibe. Since our launch, we’ve received outstanding bookings and positive feedback and press reviews.

The team’s understanding of the hotel industry and their collaborative approach made the process smooth and effective. The new brand has given us a distinct edge in a competitive market.

I highly recommend The Brand Surgery for their expertise and creativity.

Andrew Sparsis

Hotel Proprietor, Sleep Eco Inn Hotel, Worthing

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