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Marketing services customer review

During our time with The Brand Surgery, we have developed a good working relationship with Vicky who has quickly understood our needs. Her friendly and can-do attitude has made me feel completely at ease and that we are in capable hands. These consultations have been invaluable, leaving us feeling empowered and confident to put her advice into action despite us not having a technical background!

Gemma Davis

Marketing Manager, Worthing and Arun Mind

Charity impact report testimonial

How we created this charity impact report for Coastal West Sussex Mind

The challenge

Our client requested that we create a visually stunning impact report to clearly present the impact the charity had achieved with funder investment. Our client also wished to use the impact report as a marketing tool throughout the year.

The solution

We created a charity impact report which followed National Mind corporate branding guidelines.

  • Coastal West Sussex Mind is charity which helps service users to overcome and manage mental illness. However it is also raising awareness to overcome the stigma attached to mental illness. Many people are too scared to admit they have a mental health problem so will try to act normal for longer which can cause more stress.
  • We helped our client to explain the services they provide and their approach to overcoming the problems above. For example, they provide training and support services for service users, workplaces and other stakeholders. Experienced mental health professionals train in workplaces to train people on signs to look out for.
  • We established the challenges that mental health service users face including stress attached to social stigma, loneliness, difficulty getting or keeping a job, difficulty finding decent housing to live in. Therefore mental health charity services will help and train service users find new housing, new jobs and how to tackle mental social stigmas. With cuts in Government spending, charities are finding it harder to access funding so Impact Reports must work very hard.
  • It is important that West Sussex Coastal Mind goes beyond saying it helps mental health – it must understand the ‘person’ and the challenges that the mental health condition brings – case studies are an excellent way of highlighting this.
  • Once the above is explained, Coastal West Sussex Mind clearly provides evidence of the impact it has made. For example, how many service users have benefitted, using their own words is powerful. Statistics can be graphically enhanced so they are easy to read.
  • As in any business, it is good marketing practice to promote that there is room for improvement. In the case of Coastal West Sussex Mind, they merged in 2014 so the impact report promoted the strength of the merged organisation. If your charity has adopted a coaching culture and your leaders are developing through executive coaching, this is a positive statement to promote.

The Brand Surgery® is a brand development consultancy in West Sussex and we help many organisations to grow their brand through leadership development, strategic marketing and creative communications. Take a look at the impact reports we have created for Coastal West Sussex Mind and Carers Support. If you would like a new-look impact report witten and created for your charity, please call Vicky on 01903 824229.