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Website design, development and copy for Intech Controls – Energy Management

We were asked to refresh the Intech Controls website in 2018. As you can see from the home page on the left (before), the website visitor was previously required to scroll right down before seeing any menu items or text.

User Experience (UX) is important to consider to make the website visitor journeys more seamless and enjoyable, with the hope of keeping visitors engaged. However, the design also needs to communicate the brand voice and create trust. The Brand Surgery® works hard to avoid a compromise between UX and creativity.

You can see that the menu is at the top so visitors can easily navigate through the website. We had also recently completed the rebrand, and had introduced different colours for the ‘efficiency’ ‘control’ ‘integration’ which run through the website and offline marketing collateral.

Blogs, content and market research

The Brand Surgery® created the website copy and the blogs to date. This required an extensive amount of market research. Although we have been working with Energy Reduction clients, each provider of energy management solutions has their own niche. We also spoke to key clients to understand why they enjoy working with Intech Controls so we can help our client to keep adding more value in this marketplace.

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