Logo design and Corporate Identity for Chartered Accountants - MastersFullers

Logo design and Corporate Identity for Chartered Accountants – MastersFullers

The challenge – To design a Logo and Corporate Identity for Chartered Accountants

Masters and Fullers are both Chartered Accountants’ businesses who recently merged and required a logo to portray a successful merger. Creating a new logo for a business about to undergo a merger process is a delicate process and should be treated with care.

The solution

Research indicates that the aesthetic quality of the logo design play a huge part in the success of the merger. “For maximum positive affect and increased brand strength, it is suggested that figurative logos be chosen over more abstract designs. Moreover, brand managers should be aware that the brand logo may play as important a role as the company name in a merger, in terms of assuring consumers that there will be a connection with the brand’s past, and respecting the brand’s heritage.” (Joana César Machado Leonor Vacas-de-Carvalho Patrício Costa Paulo Lancaster)

“Name and logo are key components of brand identity, since they are the most pervasive elements in corporate and brand communications, and provide instant recognition of the brand” (cited in Schechter, 1993; Henderson and Cote, 1998).

No matter how strong your brands are before a merger, If you are planning for a merger process remember that the strength of the two brands involved in the merger, but also on the aesthetic quality of their identity signs.

Managers need to recognise the influence that the aesthetic qualities of the corporate brand identity signs, and in particular the corporate logo, have on consumers’ redeployment preferences. Indeed, the findings of this research suggest that logo design characteristics significantly influence consumer post-merger branding preferences.

Therefore we designed a logo which made sense to potential and existing customers. The logo represents a graph of a growing business. The colours are all natural colours and so evoke a feeling of trust. The growing business reflects the success of the merger and also businesses it works with.


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