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Logo design for West Sussex Credit Union

The challenge – to create a new logo for West Sussex Credit Union

West Sussex Credit Union offers a fast, safe and secure way of borrowing money at a reasonable rate. West Sussex Credit Union may be more willing to help than banks or building societies if you have a low income, no borrowing record or a poor credit history and we can offer you the affordable rates you need to get your finances on track.

Many people like saving with the Credit Union because they know their money is safe and because we don?t make a profit, they also know their money helps to support their local community.

To design a logo for the launch of West Sussex Credit Union. Brief: a ‘community feel’, fresh logo and strap-line for the credit union. We also created the slogan: Safe saving, sound borrowing. This logo is used on bank application forms, marketing, stationery and signage which we also designed.

The solution – to create a new logo for West Sussex Credit Union

We researched the history of credit unions and of course the competition. Credit Unions are popular in the north of England, however, there are not so many in the south. We looked at different colour options and chose green and blue as they are the colour of nature and trusted colours for a company dealing with finance targeting the financially excluded.

Once the logo design was agreed and signed off, we designed the marketing material such as application forms.

The logo is 10 years old and still going strong. The logo design is used on shop fascia, the website, application forms, brochures and promotional merchandise.

We were also approached by East Sussex Credit Union which is based in Brighton for which we designed leaflets and other marketing material.

Contact us today if you are launching a credit union and require a logo.