Logo design ethical business consultant Scotland
Logo design ethical business consultant Scotland

Logo design ethical business consultant

The challenge – logo design required for ethical business consultant Scotland

The creative logo design brief: To create and develop brand identity and logo design to launch a new ethical business consultant in Aberdeen, Scotland. Tunn Consultancy wish to target at entrepreneurial women who want to set up or expand their business in a mindful and ethical way. Tunn Consultancy wants to demonstrate that you can run a business in a compassionate and ethical way and live that life in a happy and harmonious way.

The company is to be as inclusive as possible, but predicting females aged 40-60 to be a captive audience. Verena is the heart and soul of the brand – holistic, mindful and ethical and the logo design must reflect this.

The look feel and tone to be attract and express symbolism. Colourful but also use black/white contract (Yin Yang). Suggest movement and include a figure(s) and a rainbow.

The solution – a new logo for ethical business consultant Scotland

Tunn Consultancy is based in Aberdeen and they discovered The Brand Surgery® when searching for ethical logo designers. We met with our client via Skype and telephone conversations and from this, they completed our Creative design brief. From this we completed our best pact market research and then we went to the drawing board to design the logo.

We were initially concerned that too many colours on a logo would look cluttered and confusing. We explored the chakra colours and designed logo concepts with this in mind. We were careful to portray a feeling of movement.

The client was pleased with the quality of logos we presented and they chose the logos to your left. We delivered these via email in different colour options and graphic formats such as vector EPS, PDF and JPEG.

This is a logo that makes me smile or maybe it is our ethical client that makes us smile. It is our mission to make businesses the best they can be and Tunn Consultancy’s values closely align with ours and it was a pleasure to work with such a lovely, happy business.