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Rebrand, logo design and corporate identity for the construction industry Magicman®

The challenge

Our challenge was to create corporate identity and logo design for magicman® which is the ONLY fully accredited repair and resurfacing company in the UK.  They are continually evolving to meet the changing requirements of the many industries they serve. Monitoring of new products and plant, social, environmental and regulatory changes means we are always at the forefront of the repair, restoration and resurfacing industry. Magicman’s goal is to continue to build on the many strong facets of the company while analysing, modifying and welcoming new ideas and processes.

The solution

As you will see by the gallery to the left, Magicman® has an existing logo and our client wanted to keep an element of it so there was some continuity to avoid confusing existing customers. Therefore for this rebrand new corporate identity project, we kept a star but re-coloured it green to reflect the ‘renew’ element of the corporate identity. We kept the dark blue as our client was working with corporate businesses within the construction industry.

The result is a stunning, clean logo. We used this throughout the magicman® corporate identity including van livery, brochure design and we also provided the logo as a vector so our client could organisae uniforms.

The rebrand, new corporate identity and logo design for this construction industry business was designed in 2007 and is still standing strong. As with all our logo designs, we complete expensive market research to ensure that our clients logos are future-proofed and last the distance.

The correct use of colour is essential for effective visual branding. Blue and green are particular good logo colours for gaining trust as they are the colour of nature – green land and blue sea. You will notice that many accountants and soclitiors also a combination of green and blue in their logo designs.

We do lots of other marketing work for the construction industry which includes developing marketing strategies for Paula Rosa Manhattan and SoftServ.


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