Logo design, website design and marketing strategy for Intech Controls - Building Energy Management Services

Rebrand case study: Intech Controls

Logo design, marketing strategy and website design for Intech Controls, Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS).

The challenge: 

Intech Controls is an established Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) business based in West Sussex. The Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) market is a highly fragmented and competitive market. BEMS are essential to enable businesses meet Climate Change Act 2008 and other energy efficiency targets. Smart businesses understand and embrace the benefits of BEMS which include improving productivity levels and the mental health and wellbeing of building occupants.

The challenge is – how can we make Intech Controls stand out in a highly competitive market?

The solution: Rebranding an established business

There is always a risk when rebranding an established business, however, there can be an even bigger risk by not rebranding. The Brand Surgery® is experienced in understanding the best time to rebrand and this case study explains how we enabled Intech Controls to maximise on marketing opportunities.  

Market research: First of all we need to understand Intech’s USP before we can start promoting it. Therefore we researched the market. Intech focuses on projects and creating smart commercial buildings and it uses its technical expertise to get involved in some innovative projects. Intech Controls is highly regarded by national energy providers and is working with SSE to enable it’s Head Office become a commercial smart building; case studies will be released in due course.

Market strategy coaching: As a qualified Executive Coach and Mentor, our Chartered Marketer provided Intech Controls with solutions-focused coaching service. This included speaking to clients to obtain an understanding of their key challenges, commitment and language used, so we can understand how to position their services. Speaking to clients is a huge opportunity to boost client relations and discover opportunities to improve your services too.

Vision, Mission and Values: We are currently helping Intech to co-create their vision, mission and values with the growing team.

Creative: Once we had done our homework and had evidence of how to best position Intech Controls, we set to work designing the logo which has now been printed onto luxury business cards. The brochure is almost complete which will be published soon and we are currently working on the website which is to be launched in the new year. 

Marketing strategy implementation: We very much enjoy working with Intech Controls because it’s senior management team are forward-thinking and understand that marketing is much more than promotions. Marketing and branding includes working on the 7Ps – Product, Price, Place, Promotion, People, Process and Physical Evidence. The 7Ps must be integrated and tweaked to perform the perfet brand. A useful metaphor is to think of a graphic equaliser – then tweak each P to create your perfect tune. If you want to exceed customer expectations, you can’t have one P without the other; great promotion will only work with great products, great products only work with great delivery (place) which means you need great people! 

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