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Website for Tom Leach Executive Coach

We are receiving quite a few enquiries from different coaches for help with their marketing and website design. You may think it is odd that we are designing websites for other coaches, when we offer executive coaching in-house. Let us explain.

Executive coaches come in all shapes and sizes, and in this case, our client, Tom Leach is an experienced coach in working with NHS senior managers, so in fact Tom is not our competitor. In fact, much of the relationship with Tom Leach is formed of integrated (online and offline) marketing mentoring

The website project

Tom Leach had no online presence or brand identity. We completed a number of hours of competitor analysis with other executive coaches working in the NHS sector. Tom had a number of important questions that his clients often ask and scenarios they find themselves in, so we designed a creative way to display these which you will see on the home page slider. Our client went to a lot of trouble to choose a photo which represented his client-base. We changed the group photo on the home page to black and white to match the blue/black/white corporate identity we had created. 

We created a website plan from our discussions and presented these to Tom, alongside two home page designs to choose from. Once we had refined the design and they had been approved, we set to work developing the rest of his website following the design.

Tailored services

All our clients are very different and have different budgets, therefore we tailor our services to exceed the expectations of clients at all times. In Tom’s case, he enjoys writing and wanted to keep his cost down. After a few marketing mentoring sessions with us, Tom understand what to write and provided us with the copy. He has also elected to write his own blogs and complete his own SEO. He has booked another tutorial with us in January to enable him to start writing his blogs.


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