I have always wanted to find an excuse to mention the gorgeous Nigel Harman (ex Dennis Junior from EastEnders) in The Brand Surgery blog. Now I have the chance! As part of my birthday celebrations, I was treated to an evening at London’s West End (at the Trafalgar Studios), to watch Public Property, starring Nigel Harman, Robert Daws and Steven Webb.

What a night! Now as you know my book is about to be published, and I have been researching brand promise. My trip to London yesterday meant I used an number of services, from Network South East to the wonderful All Star Lanes, to the wonderful facilities of the Trafalgar Studios (previously the Whitehall).

Bare Minimum

Public Property is theatre stripped back to it’s bare minimum. The actors use only a few props and no scenery. Unfortunately Nigel is not stripped down to bare minimum, but his acting made up for that. In brief, Nigel plays Larry De Vries, a PR man who is looking after a client called Geoffrey Hammond who gets photographed in a dodgy situation with a 16 year old northern lad called Jamie played by Steven Webb. Is Larry really looking after his client or looking after No. 1? I will say no more. You need to click here to see the official review …

Now, I am not one for watching plays, however, in my opinion, Public Property is an act of genius. I normally need the stimulation of music, singing, dancing, scenery and acting of a West End muscial to keep my interest. However, Public Property was over far too quickly! I wanted this public performance to last forever.

Pure Genius Branding

The superb acting in Public Property, plus the captivating dark comedy script draw you in. The script is hilarious, moving and pleasantly shocking! The writer is Sam Peter Jackson and his expertise in script writing, plus the excellent direction, production and management, and the closeness of me and the actors (espeically Nigel Harman) means I now have a new past time – watching plays!

This whole show is excellent branding as far as The Brand Surgery are concerned. The customer care of the staff at Trafalgar Studios, the ambience of the venue, the programme and clever script means that Trafalgar Studio will receive my repeat custom. Just today, I have enthusiastically promoted Public Property to at least 20 clients, colleagues, friends and family.

Just think … If your business gave a performance that deserved an upstanding ovation, just like Public Property, you would be well on you way to world dominance! My trip to Trafalgar Studio has made me an avid fan of theatre and I will now be a regular customer.

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Credits for my day of great brand experience:

Sam Peter Jackson: Creator of Public Property
Nigel Harman:
Richard Dawes:
Steven Webb:
Helen Goddard:
Hannah Berrigan’s: Production

Top Tip – Public Property is on for another 2 weeks. Don’t miss it!