The Brand Surgery - rebrand - see how we used the golden ratio to design our new logo.

New logo design for The Brand Surgery

The Brand Surgery has a new look and feel for 2022.

The pestle and mortar

Why did we choose a pestle and mortar? The customers we’ve been working with since 2002 will remember our previous medical theme branding of doctors and nurses! We decided to go back to our roots with a medical theme, but one with a luxury spa feel instead.

The Brand Surgery is known for our bespoke branding solutions for new brands and rebranding established brands, hence the pestle and mortar. Our valued client feedback is that we nurture and maintain brands, rather than fix broken brands, 

We are in the final stages of creating some exciting ‘VIP retreat’ packages for smart business owners to optimise their brand success. 

For now, we think our new logo has a professional, yet friendly feel. You will see that we’ve gone back to our pink, white and grey colours. We will be sharing our new brand guidelines and updated values in due course. 

The golden ratio

You will often see the golden ratio in nature, Many designers use it to create visually-appealing  illustrations, emblems and logos. We used the golden ratio to help us design our new pestle and mortar logo. We softened the corners of the medical cross using it too, which made a huge difference. 

You can see in the image above, how we add the squares together with a curve connecting the two corners. This represents the mathematical equation, summarised neatly by National Geographic: “Two numbers are in the golden ratio if the ratio of the sum of the numbers (a+b) divided by the larger number (a) is equal to the ratio of the larger number divided by the smaller number (a/b)”. The golden ratio is 1.618

What’s next? 

Well, we feel the world needs some more soul, especially the branding world.and we are excited to soon be sharing what we are up to. We’d love to hear your thoughts on this, so please drop a message to us, using the contact form or use the chat facility below.