I have had the pleasure of working with Vicky and The Brand Surgery over the past year. The work we have done together has played a major part in England & Wales Blind Golf’s charity raising its awareness on a national and international level. I would highly recommend The Brand Surgery and have passed their details to more of my business clients.

Andy Gilford

Vice Captain, England and Wales Blind Golf

Introduction: At The Brand Surgery, we recently had the privilege of rebranding England and Wales Blind Golf (EWBG). This wasn’t just about a subtle yet impactful logo design; it was about developing a comprehensive marketing and branding strategy that addressed unique challenges and leveraged powerful partnerships.

Beyond Logo Design: Our work with EWBG extended beyond creating a visually appealing logo. We introduced distinct colour schemes as part of a bold branding strategy, crafting separate but cohesive brochures for different audience segments: golfers, their guides, and funders. This approach not only enhanced brand visibility but also facilitated better engagement across these key groups.

Addressing Unique Challenges: Understanding EWBG’s challenge in finding guides for blind golfers, we recognised an opportunity to create meaningful connections. A game of golf can last 4-5 hours, requiring a significant time commitment. We strategised to link EWBG with loneliness charities, whose members often have time to spare, thereby creating mutually beneficial relationships.

Partnerships for Brand Development: Our expertise extends to developing perfect partnerships for brand development. Through our work, EWBG saw a considerable rise in its awareness both nationally and internationally. Andy Gilford, from EWBG, attests to the major impact our collaboration has had on their charity, recommending our services for the significant difference we make.

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