Only four days to go … Until William and Katherine tie the knot. Now we’re thinking – do we or don’t we? Would our customers really appreciate receiving A.N.Other advertising ‘eshot‘ branded ‘Congratulations to Will and Katherine’? There is a fine line between using events as an opportunity for marketing – how many of you sent out Happy Easter direct marketing campaigns?

Royal Wedding Marketing Gone Mad

We’ve been looking at some of the quirkiest Royal Wedding gimmicks on the the market and we were astounded when we Stumbled Upon these:

The Royal Wedding for Dummies! Whatever next? We wonder how many copies have sold!

Royal Wedding Refrigerator We thought they meant a fridge magnet, but oh no! This is a refrigerator with a difference. Will you decorate your kitchen to match?

Crown Jewels Condoms With the relaxed rules about memorabilia branding. Anything goes so long as it is tasteful – apparently.

Royal Wedding Dog Clothing A selection of different messages for you to choose from.

Broadwater Royal Wedding Picnic

We do have a real reason to promote The Royal Wedding because The Brand Surgery have been out in the community again. The boss, Vicky Vaughan, has organised a MASSIVE community event to celebrate this fantastic event which starts at 4pm om Friday 29th April on Broadwater Green, Worthing. There is an amazing line-up – Dave Benson Phillips is bringing along his gunge tank – and guess who is going to get gunged? Tim Loughton MP, Deputy Mayor of Worthing, Ann Barlow and Cllr Alan Rice have all agreed to be gunged if £500 is raised via votes. It only costs £1 a vote and you can by Paypal on our Facebook page (designed by The Brand Surgery) or you can come down on the day and vote. There is lots more fun, including entertainment from our Worthing Idol 2010 (website by The Brand Surgery)contestants and music excerps from the Seussical Musical courtesy of Anyone for Theatre?

Staying with the subject of weddings, the boss purchased some Union Jack bunting yesterday for an impromptu BBQ. Now she can’t decide whether to hang it outside the front of her house – is it patriotic or chavvy? Unfortunately, she had to abandon a project she was working on a few years ago. REBRAND BRITAIN was all about getting the community spirit back into the UK – until someone accused us of being part of the BNP because our logo sported a Union Jack. Logos and brands are all about memories. What does the Union Jack mean to you? You can read more about brand perceptions in Vicky’s book: Do A Madonna.

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