Springtime Offers from The Brand Surgery

Springtime Offers from The Brand Surgery

Spring is definitely in the air and has put us in an even more generous mood. Therefore, we have three Springtime offers which are up for grabs if your project is booked in before the end of March.

Website refresh. From £100 (ex VAT)

This offer has proved so popular that we have decided to repeat it. Quality Services took advantage of our offer and look what the MD said about it:

“We asked The Brand Surgery to undertake their ‘Website Refresher‘ service on our website and the transformation in design of our website is incredible, you can barely recognise it.  It’s like having a brand new website. The Brand Surgery has been helpful and professional throughout the process and we will be using them for any further web related work we need completing in the future. Our website was ranking high in Google searches, but performing low when it came to converting visitors to sales. The Brand Surgery gave us practical advice and suggestions about the importance of emphasising the security and legitimacy of the website, and also ensuring that the website functioned as customers expected.”

See the before and after for yourself by clicking here. This offer is for new customers only.

Phone 01903 824229 to book your website refresh.

Free strategic marketing consultation, when you book five consultations.

“What’s in it for me?” I can hear you cry … Here is a little exercise for you to complete. Do you have a corporate plan? Do you have a marketing plan? Do you have SMART corporate objectives? Do you know your corporate brand values? OK. So if you have replied “no” to these four questions, then you would hugely benefit from strategic advice.

OK. Now for the smarty-pants among you. For those who answered YES to the above questions. List ALL your promotional marketing communications (including social media)  down one side of an A4 page. Now add three columns:

  • In the first column header write “Are our brand messages consistent with our differentiation?”
  • In the second column header write: “Are our messages delivered to the desired targeted segments? Does our choice of media align with customer reception?
  • In the third column header write: “Do our messages & media work together meeting our corporate objectives?”

Now complete the table using crosses and ticks. Be honest! Many people are surprised by the answers. If your business is failing to meet it’s objectives, the chances are that your current marketing mix is not adding value to your business or it’s products and services offered, and therefore not giving your business the competitive edge it needs to succeed.

Your customers may only be one click away from you, however, they are also one click away from your competitors.

Our consultations are lead by Vicky Vaughan (qualified to Level 6 of Chartered Institute of Marketing) and take place in the comfort of your own offices, and can include up to five people. Hourly rates are £85 (ex VAT) per hour for one person, £95 (ex VAT) up to three people, and £105 (ex VAT) up to five people. You choose how long you want the consultation to be. Most businesses like two hours per session. Our spring offer means if you book five two-hour sessions, the sixth session will be free. If you book ten two-hour sessions, the eleventh and twelfth session will be free.

“During our time with The Brand Surgery, we have developed a good working relationship with Vicky who has quickly understood our needs. Her friendly and can-do attitude has made me feel completely at ease and that we are in capable hands. These consultations have been invaluable, leaving us feeling empowered and confident to put her advice into action – despite us not having a technical background!” Worthing and Arun Mind.

This offer is open to new and existing customers.

Call 01903 824229 TODAY to book your strategic marketing consultation.

25% off Graphic design prices for March

Graphic design is used for all elements of your marcomms including – website design, logo design, newsletter design, poster design, leaflet and flyer design, exhibition design. The list goes on. If you book your design project in before the end of March, you will benefit from a 25% discount. Our normal hourly fee is £75 (ex VAT) per hour. £56.25 (ex VAT) per hour. This offer is for new and existing customers.

Please call Vicky on 01903 824229 TODAY  to take advantage of this amazing offer.

The Brand Surgery is looking forward to its imminent Chartered Marketer status. We will be continuing our study and hope to begin it’s Masters in Digital Marketing in September. We want to continue to improve our skills and expertise in order to offer the highest quality strategic marketing consultations.