DO A MADONNA: The Secret to Branding Success

Here is an insight into my book, DO A MADONNA! Books are selling fast, and one person has been inspired to set up a new business after reading it. Others are purchasing it as a training aid for their employees.

Here are the first few paragraphs from Step One: What is Good Branding?

Without realising it, you are aware of your brand image every day. Think about it. When your parents come to stay, you will most probably tidy your home to impress them.

If you go to a party where you know you are most likely to bump into an ex-flame, you may deliberately spruce yourself up, taking extra care and effort to let him/her know what they are missing. When you prepare for a first date, you will hopefully do the same, to give a good impression. When you are dressing for a family get-together, you will choose suitable attire for the occasion; thus communicating with your target market to get good results.

All the above examples are times when you want to impress someone. However, once you’ve done the impressing, it can be easy to become complacent and not make quite as much effort as you once used to. Guilty?

If you want to maintain interest, you need to keep making an effort. Buying a new outfit or tarting yourself up occasionally is not good enough. You, and your business, should make a special effort to go the extra mile each day. This is because you want to be remembered in a particular way. A brand is a memory, and your personal brand is heavily reflected within your business branding, so you need to get this spot on, to be positively remembered.


If you would like to read more of the book, log onto www.doamadonna.com and read more of the book insight, and join the others who are making a positive decision to take the bull by the horns and stand out from the crowd. They all know that successful branding is much more than a good logo.

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