Rebrand Margate

The above illustration is taken from the magazine we publish. You can see the full Gullivers in Margate cartoon if you visit Margate and step on a Stagecoach Loop bus before the end of August.

We can’t wait to see next week’s The Apprentice. We will see the TV contestants attempt to rebrand Margate. We are extremely familiar with Margate as we publish In the Loop magazine for Stagecoach in East Kent. In the Loop is a passenger magazine which focuses on Margate, Ramsgate and Broadstairs, and we regularly visit this seaside resort to find out what is hot and happening! This area is known as the Isle of Thanet, and as well as the kiss-me-quick ambience, it has a past reputation as a smuggling haunt! There are lots of smuggling caves, ghosts and haunted buildings. Thanet is gorgeous, with miles of sandy beaches. It has lots to offer – you could even have a holiday and help to save Thanet’s beautiful beaches at the same time. The Thanet Coastal Project has many family and kids beach safari days. So you can relax and polish you halo at the same time …

With word out about the upcoming Margate rebrand, we were (and still are) feeling protective towards our good friend Margate. So we did some Googling to find out what The Apprentice contestants were up to. We came across an article in Your Thanet News. Howard Ebbison, one of the contestants, came up with the idea of launching the town as a gay resort. We will see Mona Lewis strongly disagreeing with the idea – as we saw last night, Mona is an excellent negotiator – so will it go Howard’s way? No pun intended! The Thanet Pride event is held is in Margate each summer and is a huge success drawing in crowds of over 5000, so maybe Howard isn’t far off the mark. We are looking forward to the seeing Sir Alan Sugar in the board room next week.

Whichever group wins the rebrand Margate project is invited to come and help us to Rebrand Britain.