The Brand Surgery supports The Community

The Brand Surgery supports The Community

It’s been nearly two weeks since Worthing Idol 2010 took place for the very first time. My charitable organisation, Talent Within You,  has been inundated with requests to make Worthing Idol an annual event. First of all …. congratulations to Rebecca Buxton who won £250 towards her talent (first prize) courtesy of Worthing Town Centre Initiative. Very well done to Tara Hill (Irish Dancer) and Team Foxy (Paige Latham and Harry Morley) – both teams danced their way to 2nd and 3rd place and received M&S vouchers kindly donated by Cllr Carol Molineaux.

We are very grateful to the local press, The Argus and Herald newspapers for giving this event such excellent publicity. The day was fantastic – Simon Osborne gave his fee up to Pete McIntosh, so he could help us with the running of this event. We have to say – Simon’s immaculate attention to detail meant that Worthing Idol ran like clockwork. Even though our co-founder, Mike Pisko, our co-founder, was away playing golf on the day, he did help with the organising most of the raffle prizes and the auditions – thank you Mike.

The line-up of talent was amazing. Anyone who watched this event will agree that this team of Worthing talent would have definitely got through to the final of Britain’s Got Talent.

Thank you to everyone who helped. Worthing Town Centre Initiative who helped us to fund this event, Foundry Press of Horsham, who printed all the brochures and programmes, Ivy Arch Studios, Barclays Bank, Glue who filmed the event (we’ve yet to see their work, but feel confident it will be excellent), Proto Restaurant Group (Andy Sparsis who gave up his time to judge the event), Tim Loughton MP (who also donated money to Talent Within You and give up him time to judge), Carol Molineaux (who judged and has also been most generous in her kind donations to Talent Within You), not forgetting Amelia Regnante who was our expert judge, and helped us with the auditions.

Last, but by no means least. Thank you to all the volunteers who gave up their time on the day. This includes: Cllrs Paul High and Kevin Skepper, my wonderful family (mum, Bill, Oli, Yvonne & bump), Loraine from Barclays Bank, Lorraine Hawkes from Worthing Town Centre Initiative who played the keyboards wonderfully, and all my staff at The Brand Surgery who worked tirelessly on the website, programme design, blogging, PR and kept me sane through the event planning process.

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Call Vicky Vaughan at The Brand Surgery (also founder of Talent Within You), on 01903 824229 if you would like us to help you with event branding or planning.