The Brand Surgery goes green

The Brand Surgery goes green

Hey look! The boss has gone greentastic! She’s only recycling her old recycle bins from Worthing Borough Council as plant tubs. What fantastic planters these tubs make! Vicky has planted sugar snap peas, and potatoes and they are almost bursting out the planters waiting to be eaten! Can you get more eco than that?

Along with recyling all her empty wine bottles (and there is a lot of them) we are well on the way to be carbon neutral, along with celebrities like Matt Bellamy, frontman of rock band Muse.

We’ve found these cool websites if you are interesting in following in our footsteps!


If you fancy saving money on your print bills, whilst saving the planet at the same time, give us a call! We have lots of green e-marketing solutions such as blogging and e-shot, e-zine, and e-newsletter design, and of course, brilliant website design and development. Call Vicky on 01903 824229 for a confidential, no obligation chat.