Vision, Mission, Values and Corporate Social Responsibility

Do our values align with yours?

Our vision

Better branding. Better world.

Our mission

We enable businesses to shine from the inside out by:

  • Continually improving our brand marketing knowledge and expertise through Continuous Professional Development (CPD)
  • We practice shared value through Triple Bottom Line (please see below).
  • Applying our knowledge through marketing mentoring, training and ethical brand development, enabling our clients and learners to flourish
  • We practice and share our authentic branding knowledge and expertise via digital and offline marking channels, to make it inclusive to all

Our core values


When creating communications and courses, we ask, “How can we use creativity to enable businesses to shine from the inside out?”  We have over 30 years of utilising creativity to enhance marketing communications for some of the UK’s leading businesses.


We are on an exciting  journey to discover how we can make a positive impact locally, globally and universally. See more in our community value below.  Our leader has been on a spiritual journey since 2006, and has been studying Raja Yoga at Brahma Kumaris since 2019, having shared the stage with Sister Jayanti in 2021 to discuss Light Leadership. Vicky recently completed a certificate in  Transpersonal Psychology and is now on a mission to apply for a Masters in this subject.  Watch this space. 


A sense of community is an Adlerian concept; without feeling part of a community, life is pretty dull. Therefore, we work hard to promote inclusive communities in our training, mentoring and coaching platforms. Talent Within You is just one of many community events our leader launched to connect and engage communities and boost teen self-esteem. Through this, we created perfect partnerships with like-minded conscious businesses. 

Continuous improvement

We love learning and continuously develop our strengths, so we can improve life for our clients and their stakeholders. We take part in Continuous Professional Development (CPD) to retain our Fellow Membership status with the Chartered Institute of Marketing and the Institute of Leadership and Management.

Continuous curiosity

We mitigate any risk of confirmation bias by questioning everything rather than accept the norm.  This aligns with our Sage Brand Archetype, and we thrive when we discover new evidence which conflicts with previous beliefs, because this gives us a good excuse to keep exploring.



Corporate Social Responsibility

Vicky Vaughan, our Chief Visionary Officer, founded Talent Within You in 2009. She designed a series of eight workshops over nine months and during this time boosted the happiness of teens by an average of 35% over.

Why we love and use The Triple Bottom Line


Why wait until your business is forced to become planet-friendly? Employees will trust your company more if they see you being planet friendly. This will increase the emotional appeal of your company, enabling you to attract the best talent for less, improving your bottom line figures. Going green is guaranteed to make your business more profitable in the long run, and we lead by example.

  • The Brand Surgery offsets it carbon by working with local communities and charities as well as empowering farmers in India by working with ClimateCare. 
  • We recognise the benefits of working collaboratively with our suppliers for the benefit of all parties.
  • We have reduced our energy consumption by 10% each year since 2010 and are committed to continuing this.
  • Our marketing and brand management consultations include sustainable solutions which not only protect our planet, but reduce your costs and ensure your business enjoys sustainable growth.


Your people can make or break your brand. If they do not feel valued this may affect customer service, negatively affecting your brand.  Measures of success in the ‘People’ element include the number of years employed, absence from work, staff turnover, health of employees, quality of suppliers.

  • In 2010, we set up a charitable organisation called Talent Within You which raises money to boost the self estseem of local talented teenagers.  
  • We only work with ethical suppliers with recognised ethical accreditations/qualities.
  • People are our greatest asset – this includes suppliers, customers and our associates.
  • We focus on long-term relationships with our clients and consider this integral to our success.


Our ethos is that it makes commercial sense to practice the People and Planet elements of Triple Bottom Line because they naturally have a positive effect on your profit. If one is too focused on boosting profit to please shareholders, one may cut training or take short-cuts in safety, which can cause havoc and cost a business much more financially. Think BP Oil Spill in Mexico.

 We strive to balance the past, present and future which also helps to future-proof The Brand Surgery® and its clients.



    Vicky Vaughan, our CVO, founded Talent Within You in 2009. Her vision is to make street crime history. Vicky attracted partners including McLaren Automotive, Daler Rowney, Glendale Theatre Arts, Proto Restaurant Group and many more. Find out more.

    Talent Within You and McLaren Automotive - boost happiness in children by 35%
    Blooming Wonderful Wombs - My story to womb heallth



    Vicky, our CVO, also founded Blooming Wonderful Wombs in. 2020 after a biopsy showed womb damage caused by excess estrogen in her body. Vicky reversed the damage by changing her diet and other lifestyle changes. This is caused by xenoestrogens found in food, cosmetics, water and much more. She is now on a mission to get #WombsInTheWorkplace. See Vicky’s vlogs for further information.


    Vicky, The Brand Surgery’s CVO, is a Chartered Marketer on three Continuous Professional Development (CPD) programmes. She shares her know-how by creating CPD accredited courses. CPD programmes include The Chartered Institute of Marketing, The Institute of Leadership and Management and the European Mentoring and Coaching Council.

    Fully accredited and experienced marketing consultant to create healthy, kissable brands
    Sunny Worthing Illustration - art deco style, Worthing Dome Cinema


    We breathe creativity. Even when not working in the business, we enjoy being creative. Check out these art deco style illustrations of Shoreham Airport and Worthing Dome.


    One of our brand archetypes is The Sage. The Sage wants to get to the heart of the matter, know the truth through knowledge. The number of accreditations is proof of this. Our other brand archetypes are The Creator, The Explorer and The Lover. Which Brand Archetype are you?  Learn more about brand achetypes in our CPD accredited course: Marketing Psychology from the Inside Out.

    Are you the Sage? The Sage wants to find the truth by using insights, knowledge and analysis to understand the world