Brand marketing and creative thinking for Building Energy Management Systems Providers and Energy Consultants

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Marketing and copywriting for the energy sector
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Marketing for BMS providers and the energy sector
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Helping BeMS providers communicate their benefits

  • Helping BeMS businesses grow through marketing and creativity
  • Market research, case studies, launch events, branding and creative design
  • Providing onsite or remote marketing solutions
  • The work with Boss Controls is an example of Brand Transformer package. 

What role does marketing play in for building energy management companies?

We have been working within the Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) market since 2015. Traditionally BMS/BEMS has been a commodity which means that gaining and maintaining customer loyalty is rare. We enable Building Management Systems (BMS)/Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) providers to find their niche in a fragmented marketplace.

Is your niche is your technical expertise in locating the most intermittent and annoying problem? Maybe you are a little lost and need to discover your niche. Remember you can’t be all things to all people – so let us help you find and unleash your niche. Market research provided important insights into the challenges that face the energy management customers.

Challenges, which of course provide huge opportunities, include:

  • Reducing energy costs
  • Reducing wear and tear on plant
  • Adhering to energy legislation
  • Keeping building occupants comfortable
  • Increasing productivity through comfortable thinking and working temperatures
  • Increasing sales through optimising the environment for customers
  • Improving wellbeing and mental health for customers
  • Reducing the risk of business downtime through spotting and fixing plant problems before they arise
  • Improving convenience and reducing call out costs through remote technology.
  • Internet of Things (IoT) had revolutionised the BEMS/BMS market, and we are excited about the future.

Marketing and creative solutions for BeMS providers and Energy Management Consultants

“The next ten years are going to see creativity as the main differentiator in marketing your business”. (Source: Mark Ritson). How do you use creativity in your BeMS business?

I am a creative Chartered Marketer and qualified coach. This means I ask the right questions to superpower strategies to grow your BeMS/BMS business.

  • Creative services: Logo design, website design, and exhibitions
  • Strategic Marketing: The Brand Surgery® has enabled our BeMS client to treble in just three years. Market research has helped us gain a thorough understanding of how BeMS businesses provide value in each of the sectors including facilities management, healthcare, education, hospitality and leisure, commercial offices, and more.
  • Copywriting: Engaging  blogs and website content to attract new website visitors, and keep your existing customers interested across your LinkedIn network. Say no to regurgitated rubbish, and instead inject your brand personality and essence throughout your marketing messages.
  • Launch events: To celebrate successes including brand refreshes, rebrands and new products
  • Team workshops: Workshop facilitation and training to encourage co-creation of  mission, vision, values, partnership marketing for councils and their business community

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Testimonial from Boss Controls – Energy Management 

Vicky has been working with Boss Controls since 2015. She works on a retainer basis and has designed our logo, website, written all our content and produced all our collateral. She has organised two launch events for our office moves which included PR and corporate hospitality. It is fantastic to find a marketing consultant who is both highly creative and strategic and we now consider Vicky as part of our team and has been an integral part of our growth. I am confident to recommend her marketing and creative solutions to other businesses.

Mark Berwick

Managing Director, Boss Controls

Empowered by Innovation

Marketing, branding and creative solutions for Building Energy Management (BeMS/BMS) providers

Focused marketing strategies for BMS providers and energy managers
  • Market research has enabled us to have an excellent understanding of the challenges that FM companies and energy managers face. 
  • This in turn has helped us to help our clients find and remote their niche!
  • Focused marketing strategies have enabled our clients to measure the return on their marketing investment
  • Market research has enabled us to write content that is relevant to each sector.

Having an external professional marketer assist you with your strategy, adds a non-biased perspective. Internal marketers can be caught up in internal politics and maintaining focus can be challenging. We can work on site (in Sussex) or remotely. 

Our resident Chartered Marketer and Qualified Coach is well qualified in the energy sector. Please call 01903 898977 for further information. 

Creativity and Design to engage stakeholders
Creative design and workshops to promote your niche, attract and engage new customers

When you are trapped in the day to day running of your business, creativity may take a back seat behind the day to day running of your business. But what does your website or business card say about your business? Does it promote your niche and set you apart from your competitors?

The Brand Surgery® is renowned for its creative design having designed the Rhino logo for Suzuki, set the creative direction on many projects for Royal & Sun Alliance and Stagecoach Bus Plc. 

Alongside our creative design, we’ve also had huge success in facilitating creative workshops. Often the best ideas come from ground floor staff in a business, so it is really helpful to get a cross-section of people from BMS engineers to contract admin through to your technical director. Our CEO, an experienced coach, creates a relaxing environment for your team to open up and share ideas. Call 01903 898977 for further information. 

Launch events for rebrands and celebrations
Launch events for rebrands and business celebrations

We guarantee that this is the only high-energy consumption solution we encourage! Launch events are perfect to celebrate business successes and rebrands.

  • Pre-event, Event, Post-event PR: We will contact relevant trade magazines, VIPs, press and other important stakeholders. This includes writing press releases to ensuring dietary requirements are taken care of.
  • Creative launches: We ensure the event is fit for your sector and size of business. We create invitations to engage and excite your ideal launch event guests.
  • Event give-aways / party bags: We will create gifts that are relevant for your business and stakeholders, which will ensure your business is remembered for the right reasons.
  • Call 01903 898977 for further information.
Get your energy management business online with our digital marketing solutions

We will help our BeMS and energy management clients keep ahead of competitors via focused marketing.

Integrated marketing: We recommend an integrated marketing approach which utilises both offline and online channels to reach out and engage existing clients and attract new leads.

Website design & development: We don’t compromise on attractiveness for functionality. We believe with creative thinking you can achieve both to keep your customers engaged. 

Social media: We then create a focused social media plan which offer a number of benefits including driving traffic to their website and attracting leads. We create engaging content including blogs and videos

Google ranking optimisation: Usually known as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). All our BeMS clients are on page 1 of google for their chosen keywords.