Dr Pepper, Dr Evil and Night Nurse as The Flying Doctors aka The Brand Surgery, brand development agency, Sussex

The above photo is courtesy of www.mediaattention.co.uk

Dr Pepper from The Flying Doctors painting the incredible hunk!

As you have probably heard by now, day two of Birdman was cancelled due to gale force winds and extremely high tides. There was a sense of disappointment as everybody had gone to lots of effort – including us. What did we dress as? As our business is called The Brand Surgery, and you know us as ‘doctors’, we went as The Flying Doctors – well-known household ‘doctors and nurses’ brands. Annelies went as Night Nurse, Ben as Dr Evil, and me (the boss!) as Dr Pepper.

Anyway – we weren’t gonna let the dreaded British weather get us down – so we decided to paint the town red and shock the brave people of Worthing who were brave enough to face the weather.

We feel it is important to give our public backing to Sharon Clarke, Worthing Town Centre manager, who DID make the right decision. We would have made the same decision if we were in Sharon’s shoes. Don’t let them get you down Sharon – we love you!

IMPORTANT NOTE TO ALL OUR KIND SPONSORS: We haven’t forgotten that you have sponsored us. We are currently brainstorming alternative ways for you to get your moneys’ worth. Top of the list so far is us lot going to Clown School and entertaining the kids of Chestnut Tree House. If you think this is a good idea – please let us know.

Finally, a BIG thank you to Andy Sparsis and his excellent team at Food who were extremely generous plying us with lots of wine to warm our cockles. We are still full up from your generous helpings.

PS Who is The Incredible Hunk? Rewards are up for grabs in exchange for the hunk’s phone number!

Night Nurse Annelies takes a well earned break

Dr Pepper is hotting things up with The Incredible Hunk