We are delighted to announce that our very own brand doctor, Vicky Vaughan, has been named as Vice Chairman for the West Sussex Credit Union. With such a personal stake in the success of this valuable local service, the West Sussex Credit Union will thrive! But first of all, we need you to help us. Go to www.westsussexcredituion.co.uk to download and send back your pledge form. You need to hurry…. Your completed pledge forms need to be returned by 14th September 2007. You can then join the queue to join our credit union, after Peter Bottomley MP – as he is already front of the queue for membership to West Sussex Credit Union.

More importantly, the other elected officers at West Sussex Credit Union are: Chairman: Trevor Constable, Manager of West Sussex Credit Union: Dennis Yeomans, Treasurer: Paul Walker, Salvation Army, Secretary: Lauren Fairs-Browning, Arun District Council.

Just in case you don’t know what a credit union is… A credit union is a financial co-operative owned and run by its members from a common bond (in this case, people that work and live in West Sussex) that offers an accessible saving facility and low interest loans to its members. Did you know that? In Ireland, 50% of the population belong to a credit union, in America and Australia, the figure is around 30%. Credit unions are also growing fast in Eastern Europe, parts of South America, Africa and the Far East.

One of the first credit unions was established in Jamaica during the 1940s. Father John P Sullivan a Jesuit priest, believed that credit unions could assist working people to better cope with wartime conditions. In Ireland the first credit union was founded in 1958, thanks to schoolteacher Nora Herlihy and colleagues in the Dublin Central Co-operative Society, which she helped to found. Through contact with the Credit Union National Association(CUNA) in America, and visits between the two countries, the first of many credit unions in Ireland was founded.

Watch this space for regular updates on Vicky’s contributions to West Sussex Credit Union.