The Brand Surgery team celebrate

The Brand Surgery team celebrate

We’re celebrating! We received a call to say we had been nominated for the customer care award in the Worthing Business Awards 2009.

We are delighted to have been nominated for the Customer Care award.

We believe that customer care is key and we train all our staff to treat each of our clients with TLC – as though they are our only client. As we grow we are putting systems in place so that our customers always feel extra special.

The Brand Surgery offer creative solutions such as logo design, leaflet design and website design for business setups to full publishing services for PLCs. No matter what size the client is, we remember that each client is a ‘human’ with feelings.

When we help business set-ups, we know having been in their position once, how scary it can all feel, so we try to hold their hand all the way. We try to imagine what it would be like to be in our customers’ shoes. It is so important that businesses recognise that just satisfying a customer is not enough: Exceeding a client’s expectations is our policy.

It is a shame that some huge companies with large call-centres do not train their staff well enough to make their customers feel important. All these companies tend to care about is their bottom line. We have recently experienced poor mishandling from a large business and we had to contact the Ombudsman to get a response. It makes us mad when businesses don’t respond to complaints and they hide away, or pass the buck.

Customer loyalty is key to staying ahead in business, and if you don’t treat your customers well, they will not stay loyal. We have been working with the same clients since 2001 when our business opened which we think demonstrates why we were nominated for the Customer Care award.

The photo above was taken by by Studio IV Photography. We were very impressed by Studio IV and would recommend them to anyone business who would like a staff photoshoot. They have worked with Splash FM and have an impressive World Superbike portfolio.

Call Vicky at The Brand Surgery 01903 824229 if you would like us to give your business some TLC.