The Brand Surgery meets Todd Carty

The Brand Surgery meets Todd Carty

Todd Carty is a good example of how one can adapt oneself to attract a particular target audience. From a heart throb in “Grange Hill”, to a 13-year stint as Mark Fowler in “EastEnders”, to a dodgy copper PC Gabriel Kent in ITV’s “The Bill”, to ice skating spectacular in “Dancing on Ice”. In between, Todd Carty has worked on radio, stage and has been directing and producing programmes such as “Doctors” and “The Perfect Burger”.

Does your company branding appeal to both ends of the spectrum?

Is your company branding as flexible as Todd Carty? Depending on your company’s services and products, it may need to appeal to a wide range of demographics. Take a theatre producing its bi-annual theatre programme or website: The design would need to appeal to customers wanting to see a Shakespeare performance through to the latest comedy – perhaps Eddie Izzard. Some people may want to see both! How do you know what design and wording appeals to your customers? Simple. It’s called research.

If you don’t have time to do the research, then leave it to us. Before our brand doctors and nurses even start on writing copy, designing brochures or corporate identity – we spend time looking at your competition and studying your target market, so you know that your marketing collateral will tick the boxes, and achieve sales.

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